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    10 Most Hazardous Bridges In The World

    Image Source: Roquib Kabir / Shutterstock

    This is the longest and most frightening bridge in the world. It sits only 16 feet above the choppy waters of the Pontchartrain Causeway below. The causeway consists of two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana. The idea of being stranded in the middle of this bridge without any access to help is terrifying. It is a 24-mile-long bridge, officially the longest bridge over water in the world. I hope that gas tank is full, because once you’re on the causeway, there’s no turning back!.

    A Brief Compendium of Terrifying Bridges

    Bridges are amazing and terrifying at the same time. Some are strong and reliable, and some are being held together by faith and hope. For the daring, they offer a wild chance to chug their terror and risk it all. For those who prefer the bird’s eye view from a safe distance, they provide a good place to watch others have a go at defying death. Whatever way you look at it, each bridge offers a unique experience. Have you dared to cross any of these terrifying bridges?

    Causeway, Louisiana

    This bridge is one of the longest and scariest in the world, sitting only 16 feet above the choppy waters of the Pontchartrain Causeway below. The longer of the two bridges stretches 23.83 miles long and has held the record as the longest bridge over water in the world since 1969. Its construction greatly assisted the economy of surrounding small North Shore communities by reducing drive time into New Orleans by up to 50 minutes, providing better access to the Metropolitan city.

    Canopy Walk, Ghana – Most Hazardous Bridges in the World

    Suspended 40 feet in the air, this bridge offers a unique rainforest experience. Located in the tropical jungle of Kakum National Park, the bridge was constructed by a few Canadians in an effort to boost tourism to the park. The walk consists of seven separate bridges that hang 130 feet above the ground, offering an up-close encounter with nature, including trees, monkeys, and birds. Despite its appearance, the bridges are sturdy, made from rope, aluminum, wooden planks, and equipped with safety netting.

    Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia – Most Hazardous Bridges in the World

    This bridge, suspended 400 feet above the ground, has faced closure multiple times for maintenance. Although its reopening was delayed, it is now open for use. However, there were rumors in Langkawi about the potential collapse of the bridge, leading to its closure for two years. Despite this, the bridge is now in use.

    Mount Titlis, Switzerland – Most Hazardous Bridges in the World

    The Titlis Cliff Walk, located at an elevation of 3,000 meters with a backdrop of the Swiss Alps, is the highest elevation suspension bridge in Europe. Opened in December 2012, it offers breathtaking views across the Alps. The bridge is considered to be super safe, with many skiers and visitors crossing it every year.

    Vitim River Bridge, Russia – Most Hazardous Bridges in the World

    The Vitim River Bridge is an old train bridge that crosses the Vitim river. Lacking barriers and with many of its wooden planks rotting or missing, the structure is slippery due to ice in the area, posing a dangerous challenge for drivers. Despite these hazards, many daredevils flock to Siberia every year to attempt the crossing.

    Puente de Ojuela, Mexico – Most Hazardous Bridges in the World

    Once used by the mining town below, the Puente de Ojuela now serves as a pedestrian bridge. Completed in 1898, it was restored as a tourist attraction in 1991, drawing tourists due to its reputation as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

    Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica – Most Hazardous Bridges in the World

    Known as the “Bridge of Death” or “Oh My God bridge,” the Quepos Bridge was constructed by the Bananera Company from 1930-1940 for the transportation of bananas to the port of Quepos. It is considered one to be crossed at your own risk.

    While it doesn’t look like it could even support the weight of a car, trucks actually cross it on a daily basis, and somehow they survive. The bridge is extremely narrow and allows cars to travel only in one direction. The planks don’t run across the entire bridge and clank loudly under the weight of vehicles. We think it’s time for some renovation.

    Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

    The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge, known by locals as the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, crosses Tampa Bay with a total length of 21,877 feet!

    The original bridge was destroyed in 1980 after a massive ship ran into a pier and killed 35 people. This newer bridge was built in 1987. Sadly, more than 200 people have used the bridge to take their lives here.

    Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

    Are you a fan of rollercoasters? Then you might enjoy this Japanese bridge. While it isn’t as steep as it looks with a gradient of 6.1 percent and a height of 144 feet, I still wouldn’t want to drive up or down that thing.

    The bridge was built from 1997 to 2004. It is the largest rigid-frame bridge in Japan and the third largest in the world.

    The Bridge of Immortals, Huang Shang China

    If you’re afraid of heights then this bridge is one you’ll want to avoid. Situated in Huangshan (also known as Yellow Mountain) in eastern China, the
    bridge is situated between two giant granite peaks that scream for daredevils to cross its path.

    It has spectacular views of the mountains. We imagine that the way to the bridge is perhaps even scarier. The Yellow Mountain is an adventure Thrillist’s dream destination for the experience of a lifetime.

    Image Source: Roquib Kabir / Shutterstock

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