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12 States Pass Vaccination Goal

# 12 States Achieve Vaccination Target

Credit: Unsplash

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden aimed to have 70% of American citizens over 18 years old partially vaccinated by the 4th of July to enable a somewhat normal summer celebration. Progress has been steady, with about half of the adult population in the US having received at least one shot of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines. Additionally, approximately 40% have received two shots of Pfizer or Moderna or one shot of Johnson & Johnson. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports an average of 1.2 million vaccine doses administered per day, leading to a significant decline in COVID-19 cases from around 60,000 per week to about 17,000 per week. The latest data indicates only 589 COVID-19-related deaths in the US.

In pursuit of the July 4th vaccination target, twelve states in the US have surpassed others by achieving the goal of having 70% of adults partially vaccinated. These states include California, Maryland, Vermont, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

Regrettably, a considerable number of states, particularly in the southern US, are significantly behind the northeast and west regions in vaccination rates. Less than half of adults in states like Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana have received at least one shot, while states such as Oklahoma and Wyoming are not faring much better. Health experts are worried that these states could become COVID-19 hotspots if vaccination rates do not increase soon. Lower vaccination rates mean lower immunity, leading to faster virus spread from both asymptomatic carriers and symptomatic individuals. This situation could worsen as states with higher vaccination rates reopen and interstate travel resumes.

Current estimates suggest that around 30 states in the US may narrowly miss the July 4th vaccination target, and some may not even achieve it by the end of the year.

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