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6 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

Image Source: icemanphotos / Shutterstock

New Smyrna Beach in Florida has had a high number of shark attacks over the past five years, with the most common sharks being bull sharks. These sharks are known for their ability to swim and hunt in freshwater. In 2007, this beach had more confirmed shark bites than any other region in the world. The following year, it broke its own record with an astounding 24 bites.

Despite the risk of shark attacks, the beach offers recreational activities such as fishing, sailing, motorboating, golfing, and hiking. It has also been recognized as one of the best surf towns by National Geographic.


Kauapea Beach may look beautiful, but it is dangerous due to strong undercurrents and its proximity to an active volcano, Kilauea. Swimmers are often prohibited from entering the water, especially in winter when conditions are extremely hazardous. Instead, relaxing activities like picnicking, seashell hunting, and sunbathing are safer options.

The beach is situated near an active volcano, which regularly sends lava into the ocean.


Heard Island, although closer to Antarctica, houses various wetland sites and experiences a harsh Antarctic climate. As a remote place, it is home to penguins and a research facility. It has proven to be a deadly location for scientists, with more fatalities occurring during transportation to and from the island than while stationed there.

Despite its harsh conditions, Heard Island is home to various wildlife and wetland vegetation.


Tamarama Beach, also known as “Glarama,” is popular but dangerous due to its strong rip tides and shore breaks. While it attracts trendsetters and surf enthusiasts, it poses a threat to swimmers.

The beach is known for its strong rip tides and shore breaks, making it a risky spot for swimmers.


Bikini Atoll Beach is a dangerous place due to the presence of more than 23 nuclear bombs that the United States dropped during the 1940s and 1950s. Visitors must obtain prior approval and be accompanied by a diver and two local government council representatives to explore the area.

The beach is particularly hazardous due to the nuclear waste and radiation present in the area.


Playa Zipolite, also known as the “Beach of the Dead,” is renowned for its heavy currents that claim around 50 swimmers every year. Despite being close to attractive resorts, swimming is not advised. However, it is Mexico’s first and only legal public nude beach, attracting tourists who prefer people-watching and relaxing on the shore.

Despite its danger for swimmers, the beach is popular among tourists for its unique features.


Fraser Island Beach in Australia is known for its crystal clear water, but it is also home to dangerous creatures such as sharks and box jellyfish. It has exceptionally powerful riptides and lacks lifeguards and warning flags, posing a threat to swimmers. Besides the water, dangerous animals like dingos and deadly spiders roam the sand.

Fraser Island Beach is known for its hazards, including dangerous wildlife and powerful riptides.

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