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    A Buzz Surrounds Joey Essex’s Former Flame’s Anticipated Love Island Arrival

    Fans are abuzz with speculation that Joey Essex’s former girlfriend might soon grace Love Island as a captivating newcomer. What’s the truth behind the rumors? Let’s dive into the details we’ve gathered..

    Rumors are swirling as Joey Essex, well-known for his reality TV stint, emerged as a high-profile celebrity entrant on Love Island, surprising fellow islanders as this season’s first bombshell arrival.

    From the start, the ex-star of The Only Way Is Essex immediately shook things up by choosing a woman already in a pairing and causing a male islander to be evicted. His selection of Samantha Kenny led to Sam Taylor‘s early departure this season.

    In the villa, Joey has remained quite comfortable, with several women seeking to connect with him. However, his stay in paradise might become more complicated shortly.

    Yet, we’re fairly sure she won’t be seen in the villa; her reactions seem focused on Joey’s startling entrance on Love Island. Plus, in a video, she’s spotted commuting on the London Underground – a far cry from the sunny locale of Mallorca, where newcomers to the villa would typically be stationed.

    Still, she has played along with the rumors, coyly responding to comments. One fan’s message hinting at her join in ‘FUHZZ IN THE VILLA’ was met with emojis of eyes, fueling further speculation.

    Sabreena, who carved a path as a model, is believed to have dated Joey in 2018. Although no formal declaration was made, the pair often appeared quite close in public sightings.

    Her social media followers, who number over 90k on Instagram, receive a steady stream of her insights on fashion and modeling. Not only does she deliver professional-grade content, but she also dedicates part of her online platform to promoting mental health awareness and discussions on medication.

    For instance, in March 2023, she penned an empowering post reminding followers: “Please don’t forget to take your medication today, lovely people. I used to be self-conscious about taking meds, but now I openly acknowledge my use of antidepressants, antipsychotics for mood stabilization, and anti-anxiety meds 🙂

    “I was initially apprehensive of judgment regarding my mental health (and yes, some did judge), but remember, we aren’t crazy—just unwell and seeking help. We’re all part of this community. I’m here for you, just like you’re here for me.”

    She’s also put forth a line of merchandise featuring tops with the affirming slogan ‘totally okay with not being okay’.”

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