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A Change in Formula for Coke Zero Sugar

Credit: Unsplash

As someone familiar with pop culture, I recall the New Coke debacle of 1985. Back then, Coca-Cola altered the formula of their original Coke, rebranding it as “New Coke.” This change involved switching to high-fructose corn syrup instead of regular sugar, which affected its sweetness profile. The public largely detested it, leading Coca-Cola to reintroduce the original version as “Coke Classic.” Some believe this move was a strategic marketing ploy. Since then, any modifications to Coke’s formula have been met with skepticism.

This week, Coca-Cola revealed plans to revamp Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, signaling changes in both its formula and packaging. Rafael Prandini, North America’s Coca-Cola category lead, emphasized their commitment to continuous improvement in response to evolving tastes and preferences. The objective is to offer fans the best-tasting Coca-Cola with zero sugar or calories, packaged in an iconic design and supported by innovative marketing strategies.

Despite its success, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar still holds a relatively small market share within the brand, according to CEO James Quincey. The refined recipe aims to align the drink’s taste more closely with the iconic Coca-Cola. This adjustment reflects consumer feedback and the company’s dedication to ongoing enhancement.

However, initial feedback on the new Coke Zero Sugar has been predominantly negative.

It remains uncertain if Coca-Cola will consider reintroducing “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Classic” in response to consumer backlash.

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