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A Detailed Look at Taylor Swift And Matty’s Relationship

Taylor Swift and The 1975 lead singer Matty Healy had a brief romance. When did they begin dating, and how long did their relationship last?

The public was intrigued by the potential romantic involvement between Taylor Swift and Matty Healy, with rumors swirling about the authenticity of their relationship last year.

Speculation about their romantic ties started in May 2023 after they were spotted together. However, less than two months later, they split up. Taylor then included several songs about Matty in her ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ tracklist, alongside references to her ex, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor and Matty had admired each other for a long time. She surprised him by attending his concert in London earlier in 2023, where she even took a photo with his mother, Denise Welch from Loose Women.

Shortly after the initial dating rumors, TMZ reported their split following a whirlwind romance.

The reason for their breakup remains unknown, but it was suggested that they were simply enjoying each other’s company, and Taylor was not looking for a serious commitment at that point. Enter Travis Kelce.

Their relationship attracted significant attention, with some fans directly asking The 1975 vocalist if he was indeed romantically involved with Taylor.

During one of Taylor’s concerts, Matty, who was a frequent attendee, was spotted talking to the singer’s father, sparking inquiries from fans about the romantic speculations.

According to a fan on TikTok – @eleanorazefirst – Matty seemingly confirmed their relationship with a gesture that she interpreted as affirmative.

The alleged romance escalated as the duo was seen together again in New York on May 24.

Taylor and Matty were observed socializing with friends Jack Antonoff, Margaret Qualley, and Zoë Kravitz at the renowned celebrity spot Zero Bond on May 24.

A witness told PEOPLE, “Taylor and Matty were seen kissing” during the supposed night out.

Taylor and Matty’s connection appeared to deepen at the start of last summer. During her Eras Tour concert on May 20, she expressed her joy to the audience, stating that she had never felt this happy before.

Before performing a surprise song called ‘Questions…?’, Taylor expressed her gratitude to her fans, sharing her newfound sense of contentment in life.

She mentioned, “I just feel that my life finally seems coherent. So, I decided to play this song, which holds many joyful memories for me.”

Following multiple public appearances together, Taylor and Matty were seen leaving a studio together, sparking curiosity!

On May 15, 2023, photos were taken of the pair exiting the Electric Lady recording studio in New York, swiftly making their way through the paparazzi.

This wasn’t their first time collaborating on music. During November, The 1975 worked on a ‘Midnights’ track, but the final version never materialized.

After several of her Eras Tour shows, the British artist engaged in late-night recording sessions.

Fans were surprised by how often Matty attended Taylor’s recent concerts, with sightings of him at a show alongside the pop star’s father!

During Taylor’s series of shows in Philadelphia, Matty was seen in the VIP family area, singing along with Scott Swift in various videos posted on social media.

One TikTok user claimed that Matty confirmed the relationship rumors, indicating his affirmation when questioned about their relationship.

Speculations about a romantic link between the two heightened after they were spotted on May 11 at the upscale Casa Cipriani restaurant and hotel in New York City.

Photos taken by diners, showing Taylor and Matty allegedly on a date night, holding hands, quickly circulated online.

An eyewitness who saw the rumored couple told Page Six about their cozy interactions and shared kisses under the watchful eyes of security personnel.

On May 6, Taylor and Matty were photographed together for the first time since the relationship rumors began circulating.

The 1975‘s frontman had attended all three of her sold-out shows in Nashville, sparking more speculation about their potential romance.

In images shared by Page Six, they were seen in the back of a black SUV being driven to Taylor’s Nashville residence.

Apart from playing the guitar during Phoebe Bridgers’ opening act at the Eras concerts, Matty was also seen in the VIP area mingling with Taylor’s close friends, indicating their acceptance of him.

— tina ⎕ too much noise 🥀 (@ubiquitassline) May 15, 2023

Taylor and Matty were together for almost two months, from April to June 2023. Their relationship seemed sincere, with Matty even acknowledging their bond by adding ‘She’s American’ to The 1975’s set list on May 4 and confirming it to the crowd.

Whether it was confirming the rumors or just having fun, their public display of affection showed their feelings for each other.

According to sources in the entertainment industry, Taylor and Matty were romantically involved for a few weeks by then. Deux Moi shared on Instagram on May 3: “I found out about this a few weeks ago, mentioned it briefly on the podcast, I was skeptical.”

The source continued: “Fast forward to last weekend when I was given permission to share, they are both notable personalities, so this information comes from another well-known individual. [They] messaged me and said, ‘I have to share with you that I recently heard that Tay Swift is dating The 1975 frontman. Antonoff set it up’.”

Deux Moi also revealed more details they received about the rumored couple, confirming that Taylor and Matty had been an item for at least two weeks.

Taylor and Matty started their relationship around April 2023, shortly after Taylor’s breakup with Joe was publicized.

Initially keeping their connection low-key, they gradually made their relationship public, with Matty even taking her to The Eras Tour and introducing her to his parents!

The pair first met nearly a decade ago, with previous rumors of a relationship circulating, which Matty denied, clarifying that there was no romantic involvement.

Denying the rumors, Matty stated on an Australian radio show, “It’s all untrue. Completely fabricated. It’s a joke! Yeah, we met, exchanged numbers like many in this industry, and talked occasionally.

“She’s a huge global pop star, and I’m in Australia. There’s no romance budding. It’s funny how people fall for that.”

In 2022, an old photo resurfaced showing Taylor in the band’s tour t-shirt, posted by someone from the band’s label with the caption: “October is near,” sparking speculation of a collaboration before her album release.

Matty later revealed that they had worked on ‘Midnights’ but the versions they worked on were never released.

During a Q&A session, Matty praised Taylor, saying, “This decision was made for valid reasons. Taylor is truly amazing.”

Skipping ahead to January 2023, Taylor surprised fans by appearing at The 1975’s concert at London’s The O2, performing an acoustic version of her song ‘Anti-Hero’.

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