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Afroman Sued by Police Over Music Video Footage

The rapper used footage of police raiding his home in his music videos.

Rapper Joseph Edgar Foreman, better known by his stage name Afroman, is being sued by the officers of the Sheriff’s Department in Adams County, Ohio. Back in August of 2022, Afroman’s home was raided by the police, as he was under suspicion of the possession and trafficking of illegal substances. Both the rapper’s wife and his home’s security cameras captured footage of the raid, which Afroman then incorporated into his music videos.

The officers are suing Afroman on the grounds of unauthorized usage of their images in his videos, alongside the “humiliation, ridicule, mental distress, embarrassment, and loss of reputation” the officers have allegedly endured as a result of the videos’ circulation.

“Plaintiffs have suffered damages, including all profits derived from and attributable to Defendants’ unauthorized use of Plaintiffs’ personas,” the formal complaint reads.

“Defendants’ actions were willful, wanton, malicious, and done with conscious or reckless disregard for the rights of Plaintiffs,” the complaint says.

Afroman, for his part, has claimed that the police waived their rights to privacy once they raided him with what he claims to be a falsely-issued warrant.

“My video footage is my property. … I am a law-abiding taxpaying citizens who was violated by criminals camouflaged by law-enforcement,” the rapper wrote on his personal Instagram. In a follow-up statement, his lawyer added that “We are waiting for public records requests from Adam’s county we still have not received. We are planning to counter sue for the unlawful raid, money being stolen, and for the undeniable damage this had on my clients family, career and property.”

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