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After 11 Days, He Returned But Not Alone

Image Source: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock

After 11 Days, He Returned but Not AloneThis story takes us back to the hot summer days of August 2017. Austin and his stepdad were hiking the national park, however, this was not one of their ordinary walks, and there was more to the tall green trees and wildflowers decorating the path. It was that time of year when the earth was no longer damp from the wet winter days, the sun was out, and wild ginseng was found everywhere.

 Taking It all the Way

Austin and his stepdad were no amateur hikers, and this was not the first time they went on a mountain adventure. The duo enjoyed hiking and did it whenever they could. They knew the forest like the back of their hand.
The wildness of the Smoky Mountains gave the two an adrenalin rush, and they were both looking forward to some quality time together in nature. There’s nothing like it to form a bond between two humans.


They both knew that it was that time of year when they could find plenty of ginseng, and that was one of the reasons they decided to go on a wild adventure and come back home with incredible stories.
This magical plant has numerous health benefits so gathering some of it sounds great. Little did they know that the story they would eventually tell hadn’t even started. The Great Smoky Mountains’ national park was calling them.

It Wasn’t an Open Bar

Ginseng became very popular amongst hikers. It could be used in medicine and drinks, however, helping yourself to whatever came your way was illegal. You couldn’t just pick the plant and turn it into a business, but the temptation was too strong.
In some places, one pound of natural wild ginseng could reach up to $600, and this was money Austin could definitely use. Who couldn’t? Soon enough, this ginseng was going to have such a significant part in this wild chapter of his life.

Hope Keeps the Search Going

Despite Austin being missing, the Bohanan family maintained hope and remained committed to their search efforts. They were determined to find Austin safe and sound, never considering giving up their mission.

Kloster, the chief ranger, expressed confidence in finding Austin due to his youth and fitness, despite the challenging conditions and the passing days. However, uncertainty loomed over how the search would conclude.

A Lengthy Search

As each passing day marked the longest search in the high Smoky Mountains, concerns arose about the potential outcome. Kloster contemplated the possibility of ending the search and initiating the use of search dogs, considering the challenges of surviving in the wilderness without sustenance.

An Uphill Battle

Amidst the search, concerns mounted regarding the potential threats posed by wildlife and the challenges of surviving without sustenance. With each passing moment, hope dwindled, prompting the family to consider their next steps.

Surviving Against the Odds

During the search efforts, Austin demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness as he grappled with the challenges of survival. Despite the hardships, he remained composed and focused on enduring the ordeal, refusing to succumb to panic.

A Desperate Struggle

Amidst his isolation in the wilderness, Austin grappled with the daunting task of navigating the unfamiliar terrain as he desperately sought a way back to his family. He confronted the harsh reality of survival in the unforgiving wilderness.

Resilience Amidst Adversity

In the chilling nights, Austin sought strength through prayer as he grappled with the relentless struggle for survival. Meanwhile, the rescue team tirelessly scoured the area, striving to uncover any trace of the lost teen.

A Miraculous Return

Just as the search team prepared for a final sweep of the area, a remarkable turn of events unfolded. In a moment that left everyone astounded, Austin emerged unscathed from the dense forest, evoking a sense of relief and astonishment.

A Mother’s Relief

Upon receiving news of Austin’s discovery, his mother was overcome with emotion, grappling with the perplexing circumstances of her son’s survival. She struggled to comprehend how her courageous son endured the ordeal deep within the Smoky Mountains.

A Show of Resilience

Austin’s resilience and ingenuity became evident as he navigated the wilderness, displaying remarkable courage and resourcefulness. His survival instincts and unwavering determination carried him through the harrowing experience.

As much as it’s important to try and get help, and while Austin hoped for any sort of cellphone signal, nobody seemed to hear him. When the night came, he just stayed where he was and waited to be found. The next day, he found a stream of freshwater, which was a lifesaver for him, even though he didn’t anticipate being lost for such a long time.

Even though Austin was trying to stay calm and keep himself together, his family and friends were extremely anxious about him. He managed to survive for over eleven days without eating anything. It was two days before hunger hit him, then it was like it never existed.

Finally, while wandering by the creek, Austin spotted a man on a boat with a girl who seemed to be his daughter. It was the first time he had seen any human beings in all that time. He called out to them and waved, hoping they would notice him, and they did. Naively, the man asked Austin if he was the boy everyone was looking for, to which Austin replied affirmatively.

The stranger on the boat, accompanied by his daughter, rescued Austin and brought him back to his stepdad. This was the end of a long, harrowing experience for Austin and his family, turning a harmless hiking day into nearly two weeks of a nightmare.

Austin stressed the importance of staying calm in such a situation, as he did, while being alone and forced to fend for himself. Conversely, Annette, a woman who went missing with her three dogs, had a different experience. She was lost accompanied by her dogs. Keep on reading to find out what happened to her and the dogs during their time in the forest. Imagine your partner vanishing with no trace left behind and a heavy thunderstorm approaching. This is what happened to Marcel Poitras when his wife Annette went missing while walking her dogs and did not return.

Annette was renowned in her community for her love for dogs, which turned into her profession as a professional dog walker. The surrounding lands became her favorite place to walk the dogs, and she went to Coquitlam’s Eagle Mountain daily.

On a regular November morning, Annette was preparing for her dogs’ daily walk, not knowing what awaited her. She bundled up warmly, gathered her companions, and set out into the unknown with her three dogs: Chloe, the adorable puggle Bubba, and Roxy the boxer. All three dogs loved going for long morning walks, and Annette anticipated being back within the hour.

This story shows how life can take an unexpected turn, where a seemingly ordinary day can turn into a harrowing experience.“`

Annette Was Late

A few hours later, Marcel noticed Annette and the dogs hadn’t returned. This wasn’t something Annette would just do and she would never just disappear without notice. He began to worry.

It was getting dark and it was cold. Where could Annette be? He was expecting her hours ago and as she failed to come back, he felt something was wrong.

Pineapple Storm

The weather broadcast was not on their side. Storm Pineapple Express was knocking on their doorstep and this made the situation even more difficult to handle. Extremely heavy rain was expected to fall.
The weather conditions weren’t safe. Night had fallen, the temperatures dropped and there was no sign of Annette or the dogs. Where could she be and why hasn’t she come back home?

Self Search

There was not much Marcel could do but go to places he knew Annette usually went to. He thought he could find some clues that would solve this mystery that had suddenly fallen on him.

He suddenly saw her van. For a moment he felt a sense of relief, however, as he approached the vehicle he realized it was empty. Annette was nowhere to be found.

Professional Help Was on the Way

Marcel had no choice but to contact the authorities. He told them Annette hadn’t returned from her daily walk with the dogs and they were all missing. Marcel was devastated.

The Coquitlam Search, Mounted Police, and SAR (rescue team) stepped in. Marcel shared with them the usual places Annette visited with the dogs, however, there was a limit to the information he could provide. The woods area was massive and no one knew where to start.

Deep in the Woods

The teams, together with Marcel were looking for any clue and any item that could help them find Annette and the dogs. First, they tried to find her cellphone, however, they weren’t as lucky as they hoped they would be.

They searched for clothing and dog collars, however, there was no progress. The night was as dark as it could possibly get and hope was drifting away.

Things Were Not Looking Good

The predicted storm was heading their way and the ground was becoming muddy and difficult to handle. There was still no sign of Annette or the dogs. Things were not shining bright and marcel was becoming more and more concerned.

Annette would not just disappear. She wasn’t that adventurous and always left and returned at reasonable times. Was she hurt and unable to call for help? He didn’t want to imagine the worst but the bad thoughts took over him.

Command Center

The next step was to set up a command center. SAR was responsible for that and they knew they had to start working fast. The timing was not in their favor and they knew that every hour that passes could be fatal.

The first thing SAR did was use their “sound sweep” technique. This meant whistling and producing noise, hoping to draw Annette’s or the dogs’ attention. Dogs from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police joined the search teams, however, there was still no sign.

One Day Down

The first night faded away and the sunlight rays cracked through the darkness. More than 12 hours had passed and still, there was no signal or sound from Annette. The dogs weren’t to be found either.

Time was playing an important factor. Marcel knew that if they wouldn’t find Annette within the next few hours, the chances of finding her alive were not high. In fact, they were becoming dangerously low.

Second Day of Searching

The sun refused to come out on the second day of searching and the ground was still heavily wet and mussy. All this was making the search extremely difficult. SAR needed more people to help as the heavy showers made it impossible to hear their whistling.

By now, there were over one hundred people searching the woods for Annette and the dogs and it was time to escalate. Next to join the forces were the helicopters.

Minimizing the Search Area

No one was going to give up. The weather was harsh, and the areas that they were operating in were huge. All they needed was something to narrow down the search radios. If they could concentrate on smaller spaces, that would increase their chances of finding something.

Annette and her three dogs were somewhere out there waiting to be rescued. They couldn’t let them down. No one was planning on giving up just yet.

Body Heat Detection

The helicopters were observing the land from above and SAR was investigating the grounds. The sky forces used a thermal imaging camera. This device can detect body heat, and they were praying this would be their salvation.

Unfortunately, the police up in the helicopters came up with nothing. There were too many trees concentrated in such a big area, it was almost impossible to notice or find anything.

Marcel Was Taking It Badly

Marcel was heartbroken. He began imagining his life without Annette and how terrible that would be. They were together for more than three decades and there was no way he was allowing their life together to end like this.

Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine that the previous morning was, possibly, the last one by his beloved wife.

Not Giving Up Yet

The rescue teams weren’t going to stop the searches no matter what the outcomes were. It didn’t matter if Annette and the dogs were dead or alive, they were coming home.

The clouds blanketed the horizon, the temperatures yet again dropped and a quilt of darkness covered the sky. The second day came to an end and the rescue teams had no choice but to postpone the searches to the following morning. Would Annette ever be found?

Annette and her team were thrilled to hear loud barking and howling cries from a distance. After almost four days of searching, they found Annette and the three dogs she was walking. However, the question of how Annette survived in the severe weather conditions without food or water was still on their minds.

Annette was found alive but unable to move due to falling in the wet and muddy earth during a walk with the dogs. She was unconscious for an unknown period of time, and when she woke up, she realized she had been out all night, struggling to move and missing one of the dogs.

Alone and without her cellphone or gloves, Annette had to ensure the welfare of all three dogs before thinking of herself. She eventually found the missing dog but soon found herself stuck in the mud, without water, food, or energy. Annette and the dogs had to rely on each other for physical and mental support to survive in the cold woods.

Despite her distress, Annette spotted search efforts, such as helicopters and calls for her name, but was unable to attract attention. It was Roxy’s barking that ultimately led to their rescue after three days of solitude in a marshy basin.

Annette and the dogs had taken shelter in a hole dug deep into the ground, allowing them to survive the bitter cold. Annette credited one of the dogs for teaching her how to adapt to the wild habitat and stay alive in such conditions.

Throughout their ordeal, Annette and the dogs worked together to care for one another, with Annette even sharing her coat with Roxie to keep her warm.

The rescue was a testament to the strength and adaptability of both Annette and the dogs, showcasing their determination to survive in the face of adversity.This information is not supported

The dogs and anntte where in a dire situation.

The rescue team had to navigate the cold and dark woods to save Annette and her dogs.

Once the rescue was underway, media crews and Annette’s family gathered to document the event.

Annette was eventually rescued from the woods, despite the challenging weather conditions.

Despite the ordeal, Annette and her dogs only sustained minor injuries and were reunited with their loved ones.

Annette’s husband, Marcel, expressed his relief that the ordeal was over.

Annette’s experience was later documented in a book that gained attention in her community.

Although Annette only suffered minor physical injuries, she continues to struggle with the emotional trauma of the experience.

Annette’s trauma lingers in the form of nightmares and difficulty sleeping.

The heightened senses of Annette’s dogs played a crucial role in her rescue.

Dogs are known for their loyalty and protective instincts, with some breeds possessing unique abilities.The Border Collie is a highly agile and intelligent breed, often used for shepherding due to their competence. They require a lot of physical and mental exercise and can become destructive if not properly cared for. The Bearded Collie, known for their long fur coat, is independent and excels in competitive sports, making them excellent herding dogs. The Australian Shepherd, despite its misleading name, was developed in America and is known for its agility and intelligence, making them great for various tasks like search and rescue. Rottweilers, often misunderstood due to media portrayal, are loving and loyal dogs that make great protection animals. Collies, popularized by the famous Lassie, are intelligent and trainable, but are better suited as watchdogs. English Setters are smart and playful, but tend to bark a lot and are well-suited for hunting.Jack Russell Terriers have become very popular in the United States after one of them starred as Milo in Jim Carrey’s 1994 superhero comedy film, “The Mask”. They are also the star detective in the “Jack Russell: Dog Detective” children’s book series. These small terriers were originally English fox hunters, which is why they always seem keen, focused, and ready to pounce.

Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Red Heelers and Blue Heelers, are a unique breed of herding dogs developed in Australia by a 19th-century farmer from New South Wales named Thomas Hall. They have a tough and sturdy build and are quite resilient despite their compact size. Like many other working dogs, they have a high level of energy and are quite independent.

The German Weimaraner is one of the most unique and easily recognizable dog breeds. It originates from the 19th century, where it was mostly bred for hunting purposes, as these were used by royalty to hunt deer, bears, and boars. They are quite athletic, great swimmers, and hardly shed at all. You can expect Weimaraners to reach up to 85 pounds and become quite athletic when they reach adulthood.

Saint Bernards are gentle giants with smart, wise, and mature characters. They originally come from the border between Italy and Switzerland and are the result of breeding many generations of talented mountain dogs and rescue dogs. They have a short and thick coat of fur and can weigh anywhere from 140 to 260 pounds or more.

Alaskan Huskies have light blue eyes, a coat that covers them in black or light brown fur, and white fur on their faces and legs. They are especially suited for cold temperatures and can thrive on just about any cold climate. Alaskan Huskies are especially suited for cold temperatures and can thrive on just about any cold climate, no matter how freezing it might get.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world and considered by many as the best family dog of all time. They have a long and beautiful golden coat, are extremely well suited to urban living and country environments, and love water. They are one of the easiest dogs to train.retain its primary leader when it’s a puppy to ensure it sees you as its leader for the entirety of its adult life.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large and attractive breed. It is typically larger than most other types of dogs, often reaching up to 100 pounds in weight. Despite its appearance, this breed possesses unique qualities that set it apart. It is highly athletic and requires regular physical activity, making it most suitable for outdoor living, such as on a farm.

“Berners” are known to be highly trainable and well-suited for people seeking a large and active breed that can learn a variety of commands. They are also recognized for their gentle nature with children, making them an ideal choice for families with young kids. Some Bernese Mountain Dogs may even allow children to ride on their backs like a horse. It’s important to note that they typically form a strong attachment to one particular owner, so it’s recommended to establish leadership early on.


The poodle has a rich history, originally bred in Europe and often associated with royalty. It was owned by various monarchs, including Louis XVI. Currently, the breed is popular among Hollywood celebrities and elites, having been owned by figures such as Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Tailor, and Lady Gaga, to name a few. Despite the perception of being status symbols, Poodles are actually the second most intelligent dog breed in the world, following the Border Collie.

Poodles are also skilled hunters with swift reflexes and impressive agility. They excel in bird hunting and are proficient swimmers. Additionally, Poodles are often crossbred with other breeds, resulting in amusing combinations like the Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and Schnoodle.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, also known as the “dwarf dog,” is a polarizing breed depending on one’s affluence and desire for ostentation. These are the smallest herding dogs and were famously favored by the late Queen Elizabeth, who reportedly owned over thirty of them throughout her life. They are also popular within elite circles in the United States, particularly in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

According to Stanley Coren’s book, “The Intelligence of Dogs,” Pembroke Welsh Corgis rank as the 11th most intelligent dog breed. They are small in size, usually weighing no more than 30 pounds. These dogs are known for their affectionate, loving nature and eagerness to follow their owners. They are also very alert and well-behaved, displaying herding instincts by chasing fast-moving objects. Pembroke Welsh Corgis have a potential lifespan of up to 15 years.

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels, originating from England in the mid-19th century, are affectionate and lively dogs. They possess a highly developed sense of smell, making them proficient in tracking birds and prey. Adorned with beautiful black or brown fur and white markings, they are a delightful sight. This breed is known for being extremely friendly, affectionate, obedient, and capable of learning commands and tricks with ease.

Springers are family-oriented and relatively low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for households with children. A distinctive trait of English Springer Spaniels is their affinity for water and their tendency to seek out opportunities to swim, making them ideal companions for outdoor activities and rainy days.


Papillons, also known as Continental Toy Spaniels, are a fascinating and distinctive breed. Originating from France and Belgium, they are best known for their large, bat-like ears that give them a resemblance to endearing creatures like Gremlins. They also have unique ear hair that gives them the appearance of a butterfly or moth. Despite their small size, typically weighing no more than ten pounds, Papillons have a relatively long lifespan, often reaching almost 15 years. The breed’s history can be traced back to various works of art dating back to the 16th century.

One of the most well-known paintings from the 18th century features Queen Sophie Dorothea of Prussia with her Papillon. These dogs are intelligent, obedient, and loyal, which contributed to their popularity among royalty and nobility. Papillons have high energy levels and require substantial exercise relative to their size. They also serve as effective guard dogs, displaying a high level of alertness and often barking at the slightest provocation or sight of unfamiliar creatures.


Brittanys are a gun dog breed specifically developed for hunting birds, sharing many characteristics with pointers and setters. Originating in Brittany, France, during the 17th and 19th centuries, these athletic dogs possess long, droopy ears. They are known for their intelligence and attentiveness, particularly outdoors. With an average weight of 38 pounds, Brittanys typically have a lifespan of about 12 years.

Brittanys are easily trainable and have a pleasant and affectionate temperament, making them manageable even for first-time dog owners. They make excellent companions, family pets, and field dogs, displaying loyalty and affection towards their owners. When acquiring a Brittany, early establishment of leadership is essential to ensure it sees you as its leader throughout its adulthood.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies have a striking appearance and are closely related to Alaskan Huskies. They are known for their independence and are not suitable as guard dogs due to their unique temperament. Unlike Rottweilers and German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies display loyalty and independence similar to cats. The main difference between Siberian and Alaskan Huskies lies in size and temperament. Siberian Huskies were originally bred as hunting dogs, while Alaskan Huskies were bred for sledding. Given their independent nature, Siberian Huskies are better suited for homes with limited outdoor space.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are widely used as working dogs, particularly in K9 police units and military operations. They are known for their agility and intelligence, ranking third in the dog intelligence list. With their strong sense of purpose, loyalty, and smart and suspicious nature, they make excellent guard dogs. German Shepherds are trainable and retain most of their training, making them reliable in various tasks.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters, also known as Red Setters, are renowned hunting dogs, initially used for silently searching for prey. Over time, they have evolved into a family-friendly breed and are excellent with children. Due to their loving and protective nature, Irish Setters are often used as therapy dogs in schools and hospitals. They are not considered strong hunting dogs, as assertiveness does not come naturally to them. Their affectionate nature and craving for human companionship make them ideal for social purposes.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is related to the Siberian and Alaskan Huskies and differs in temperament. These large and fluffy dogs are known for their loving and home-based nature. They possess intelligence and resilience, stemming from their history of living in tough environments. Alaskan Malamutes adore human companionship and are quiet creatures, making them unsuitable as guard dogs. They are well-suited for loving and comfortable homes with children, as they are affectionate and adorable pets.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers were originally developed as medium-large dogs for security purposes. Known for their trusty and terrifying guard dog abilities, they are adept at keeping potential threats at bay. Despite their assertive personality, Doberman Pinschers are loving and devoted to their owners when properly trained. Recognized as the 5th most intelligent dog breed, they require an experienced owner to assert dominance and provide proper training.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers are medium to large hunting dogs originating from 19th century Germany. With an intelligent and eccentric temperament, they can effectively communicate with their family members. While they make excellent watchdogs, they require high maintenance and frequent exercise. Their strong hunting instinct means they are not suitable around cats and small mammals.

“`The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, developed in the Chesapeake Bay area, was primarily used for hunting and is known for its ability to hunt fish, birds, and rescue people from water. These dogs are well suited for lake and forest environments and enjoy assisting their owners in hunting. The breed weighs between 66 to 100 pounds and has a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. Their coat is suitable for cold water and icy conditions, making them efficient retrievers in water. Known for their intelligence and their ability to integrate well into families, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are reliable hunting partners and beloved family members.

The Shetland Sheepdog, originating from Scotland, was initially bred as a herding dog. This breed is commonly raised as a farm dog or a family pet due to its good behavior in both settings. Weighing between 11 to 24 pounds, the Shetland Sheepdog has a beautiful coat and is highly intelligent, ranking just behind the Dobermann in dog intelligence. Shelties are known for understanding and obeying commands quickly, making them trainable and obedient.

Labrador Retrievers, the most popular breed in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, are recognized for their obedience, loyalty, and versatility. They are commonly used as family pets, hunting dogs, and are also trained for various assistance roles, such as therapy and help dogs. Highly recommended for first-time dog owners, Labradors are easy to train, curious, and excel in various activities due to their high intelligence.

Old English Sheepdogs are large and hunky dogs reminiscent of bears, weighing between 60 to 100 pounds. This herding breed is known for its agreeable nature and proficiency in following commands. A great family dog, the Old English Sheepdog makes herding tasks easier and is dedicated to its owner.

The Akita Inu, originally from Japan, is similar to German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies but has a distinct temperament. Considered tough to train and own, Akitas are territorial, large, and strong. Despite their challenging nature, Akitas have gained popularity and are owned by several notable figures.

In Cormorant, Minnesota, a Great Pyrenees called Duke the Fluffy was elected as mayor multiple times, marking the unique instance of a dog serving as a city mayor. This unconventional choice reflects the citizens’ frustration with human politicians and their unfulfilled promises.

In Middle Island, Australia, a chicken farmer and his guard dog saved a colony of nearly 1,000 vulnerable little penguins from foxes. The penguins, known as the smallest of all penguin species, were at risk of being hunted by a pack of foxes until they were protected by the farmer and his loyal guard dog.

When Australian chicken farmer, Swampy Marsh, heard what was happening, he quickly got his chicken-guarding dogs and went there to keep watch over the penguins. Ever since Marsh and his faithful guard dog began protecting the penguins, not a single one has been hunted and their population has grown back to about 200 strong. Since then, many dogs have guarded these penguins over the years, allowing them to live their lives in peace.

A Jack Russell Became a Hollywood Star

One of the world’s most famous acting dogs is Hollywood’s Uggie. This beautiful and loving dog was rescued by animal trainer Omar von Muller when the dog was still very young. Uggie was raised by Muller and taught basic acting skills, which culminated in him getting his debut role in the 2011 Award-winning French comedy-drama, “The Artist”. In the film, he plays the main character’s trusty sidekick, Jack. The film was critically acclaimed and won five Academy Awards in 2012, with Uggie winning the Palm Dog award at the Cannes Film Festival!

He has since appeared in various other films, as well as a Key & Peele comedy sketch, as a racist dog. Uggie was born on February 14th, 2002, and passed away in 2015, at age 13. He was widely loved in Hollywood and even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2012. He was the first dog ever to have his paws printed on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Colt provides support to his owner by positioning himself under her neck, cushioning the blow in case she has a seizure and falls. He also has the ability to predict seizures ahead of time, despite the lack of scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

These Three Musketeers Track Down Illegal Elephant Poachers

Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, home to various exotic animals, employs three dog handlers and their dogs to combat elephant poaching. Didi, Bonnie, and Clyde work tirelessly to track down poachers and have been successful in reducing poaching activities to almost nothing.

These canines and their handlers also receive training at the Ol Jogi ranch dog unit to improve their skills in catching criminals.

These Dogs Jump From Helicopters to Save People

The coast guard in Newfoundland, Italy utilizes specially trained dogs to rescue people stranded in the ocean. These dogs undergo extensive training and are sent out via helicopters to assist in these rescue missions, estimating to save around 3,000 people annually.

The calm and efficient nature of these trained dogs makes the coast guard’s rescue operations highly effective.

This Black Labrador Helps Save Bees

Bazz, a black Labrador, is trained to sniff out a deadly disease called American Foulbrood Disease in bees. This training allows the beekeeper to isolate infected bees, preventing the spread of the disease and ultimately saving the bee population.

Bazz, equipped with a custom-made beekeeper outfit, effectively assists in the preservation and protection of bees.

This Golden Retriever is a Service Dog to a Blind King Charles Spaniel

Ginger, a Golden Retriever, has been trained to assist and guide a blind King Charles Spaniel named Kimchi. Their close bond and training enable Ginger to accompany Kimchi on walks and ensure his safety.

Ginger’s role as a service dog is crucial in ensuring Kimchi’s well-being and safety.

This Golden Retriever Helps Young Victims During Trials

Pella, a trained therapy dog, provides support to young victims in courtroom settings, helping them relax and cope with the stress of their experience. This comforting presence assists the children in feeling supported during their testimony.

Dogs Are Often Sent to Disaster Sights In Search of Victims and Survivors

When natural disasters strike, tracking dogs are deployed to locate survivors and assist in rescue efforts. These highly trained dogs are also tasked with finding deceased individuals so that they can be properly accounted for and laid to rest. During the recent Northern California fires, a dog named Amelia “Mia” Earhart was sent to help find survivors, missing persons, and cadavers at the wildfire site in Paradise, California.

Mia, specially trained to locate cadavers, played a crucial role in finding numerous survivors and victims. The efforts of these dogs, many of which were volunteers, underscore the remarkable bond between humans and canines. Ultimately, the search yielded 67 people found by the dogs, significantly reducing the list of missing individuals from several thousand to less than thirty.

Dogs Can Find Historically Significant Artifacts

In response to the theft of historical artifacts, the Red Arch Cultural Heritage Law & Policy Research group established the K-9 Artifact Finders unit. Comprising specially trained dogs, this team is dedicated to locating stolen artifacts from museums or archaeological sites using their keen sense of smell.

While the program is in its early stages, the Red Arch Cultural Heritage Law & Policy Research group has confidence in the dogs’ ability to track down valuable artifacts. They plan to deploy these dogs in airports to intercept smuggling activities.

Dogs Can Help Diabetic Patients

Some dogs possess the remarkable ability to detect low blood sugar levels in their diabetic owners. This early warning allows for timely intervention, potentially averting a medical emergency. Researchers have identified the presence of isoprene, a chemical compound, in the blood of diabetics, which contributes to the distinct odor detected by these highly sensitive dogs.

While dogs’ detection of blood sugar levels is not infallible, having a service dog capable of this skill can be incredibly beneficial for individuals with diabetes, providing both practical assistance and emotional support.

Service Dogs Help The Disabled

Service dogs play a vital role in assisting children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities. By aiding them in tasks such as retrieving medication, mail, food, or drink, and preventing hazardous situations, these devoted canines enable their owners to maintain independence and a sense of self-sufficiency. Furthermore, the unwavering loyalty and affection of these service dogs provide immeasurable emotional support to their owners.

Service dogs’ assistance, coupled with their loving demeanor, makes them invaluable companions to those in need.

Sniffing Dogs Are Trained to Find Truffles Which Sell For Up to $3,000 a Pound

Highly prized for their unique taste and health benefits, truffles are a premium culinary delicacy, with white truffles commanding astonishing prices of up to $3,000 per pound. Dogs have proven to be adept truffle hunters, replacing pigs as they are easier to train and less likely to consume the valuable fungi once located.

Breeds such as Springer Spaniels, Poodles, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers are well-suited for truffle hunting, with the Lagotto Romagnolo being particularly renowned for their proficiency in this specialized pursuit.

Belgian Malinois Participate in Navy SEALs Combat Missions

The Belgian Malinois, a highly capable breed, is actively involved in combat missions alongside the elite U.S. Navy SEALs. These dogs exhibit great bravery, often accompanying SEAL teams on perilous operations, including nighttime helicopter deployments and combat scenarios.

Dogs in the Navy SEALs are specially trained to carry out tasks that are best suited for their abilities, such as detecting explosives and tracking down terrorists. These canines are equipped with body armor and other tools to enhance their natural skills. They play a crucial role in missions, maximizing their agility, speed, strength, and sense of smell to ensure mission success.

Canines Can Detect Cancer With Remarkable Accuracy

Recent studies suggest that dogs have the ability to detect various types of cancer with nearly 100% accuracy, surpassing the reliability of machines and even doctors. Ongoing research aims to understand the role dogs can play in cancer detection and possibly utilize them as real-life cancer detectors, potentially leading to earlier diagnoses and reducing the need for uncomfortable medical procedures.

Jax, the Official Stamp Licker

Jax, a Labrador from the Isle of Skye, found a unique job—helping his owner, a postmaster, in licking stamps. Making use of his large tongue, Jax ensures that his owner is relieved of the task, and he has become the official stamp licker for the village of Portree. His dedication and enjoyment of his work have made him a beloved figure in the community.

Turtle Protector

This German Shepherd has been trained to locate and protect sea turtle nests on beaches. With its exceptional scent-detecting skills, it can safeguard these vulnerable nests and ensure the safety of baby sea turtles from potential predators, contributing to the conservation of these adorable creatures hatching from the eggs.

Police Dogs in Vancouver

The Vancouver Police Department’s specialized police dogs, including German Shepherds and Bulldogs, serve the city in various ways. In addition to catching criminals and assisting human police officers, these dogs participate in activities like posing for the police dog calendar, which raises funds for charitable causes. Their diverse contribution makes them valuable members of the police force.

Canine Stars in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

Dogs, including Dobermans and Northern Inuits, were featured in the production of the “Star Wars” film, “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, playing the roles of Corellian hounds. These canines played an important role in the film, with elaborate costumes designed to transform them into otherworldly creatures. Their involvement showcased their adaptability and contribution to the entertainment industry.

Canines Protect New Zealand’s Native Birds

In New Zealand, specially trained dogs are employed to protect the native bird population from predators, such as rats and stoats. By tracking and hunting these pests, these canines play a crucial role in preserving the exotic bird species from further decline and extinction, contributing to conservation efforts in the region.

Challenges Faced in Clearing Islands of Invasive Predators

Around 100 islands have been cleared of invasive predators by the government, but the threat still remains. Hunters attempt to track down these predators, creating a challenge for the government.

Spaniels with Noses for Leaky Pipes

United Utilities, an English water company, enlisted the help of two spaniels, Snipe and Denzel, to detect leaky underground pipes. The Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel use their keen sense of smell to track down the scent of chlorine, helping the company save money by identifying and repairing leaks.

Kirsch: The Educated Golden Retriever

Kirsch, a Golden Retriever, received an honorary degree from Johns Hopkins University, where his owner, Carlos Mora, is a student. Kirsch, as a service dog, accompanied Mora to her graduation and was even awarded an honorary degree, adding an exceptional educational achievement to his list of credentials.

Service Dogs Assisting with Laundry

Service dogs, specially trained by JTM Service, are now capable of using a dog-friendly washing machine called the “Woof to Wash.” The machine is designed for the dogs to load and unload laundry, providing assistance to disabled individuals in completing their laundry tasks.

Vail Avalanche Rescue Dogs

At Vail Mountain, Colorado, the Vail Avalanche Rescue dogs are trained to locate individuals buried under snow or trapped in a storm. These trained dogs utilize their keen sense of smell to assist in search and rescue missions, making their work seem like a game as they retrieve toys and objects under the snow.

Patient Breeds Listening to Kids Reading

Some dog breeds, including Labradors, are known for their patience and willingness to sit and listen to children read for extended periods. This initiative has been well-received by parents for motivating and empowering children, fostering a positive reading environment.

New Guinea Singing Dog: The Canine Duet Partner

The New Guinea singing dog is recognized for its vibrant and distinctive vocalizations, often joining in “Chorus Howling” with other dogs of its breed, making it a delight for music lovers.

Basset Hound’s Superpower: A Strong Sense of Smell

Basset Hounds are known for their large floppy ears, but their true superpower lies in their exceptional sense of smell rather than their hearing ability.

The first dog breed discussed is the Basset Hound, known for employing its ears as scent collectors to aid in hunting since the 16th century. Additionally, Bakharwals are vegetarian, favoring milk and bread over meat, making them reliable guard dogs for farmers and animal breeders. Dalmatians are fearless and known for staying calm and collected in the face of fires, which is why they were traditionally brought along on fire trucks to keep the horses calm. Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest breed, standing at approximately 32 inches, and are loyal, obedient, and skilled at retrieving objects from difficult-to-reach places. Pomeranians are not just cute and fluffy, but also incredibly intelligent, excelling in learning tricks and problem-solving. Otterhounds are proficient otter hunters, boasting waterproof fur, webbed feet, and strong swimming abilities. Catahoula Leopard Dogs are skilled tree climbers, making them great for hunting and search and rescue missions, and their spotty coats make them easy to identify. Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for those with allergies as they do not shed. Norwegian Lundehunds are very flexible, particularly in their necks, and have six toes per foot, making them well-suited for catching birds and navigating diverse terrains. Salukis have exceptional eyesight and are known for their elegant appearance, inspiring artwork for thousands of years. Czechoslovak Wolfdogs are a blend of loyal German Shepherds and strong and agile Carpathian Wolves, making them ideal for search and rescue missions. Finally, the Pekingese, despite being incredibly cute, possess a range of talents and qualities as


The Pekingese breed has a long history which dates back to ancient China where they were primarily used as guard dogs.

Despite their cute appearance, Pekingese are skilled protectors of their human families and will always alert their owners if there is an intruder. Their small size also makes them great guard dogs for people living in smaller spaces.


If you have problems with feral pigs or raccoons, then a Coonhound might be the perfect dog for you. Coonhounds are known for their hunting abilities and are even capable of chasing bobcats and bears. Their exceptional perseverance and tracking skills make them special.

Coonhounds are also admired for their melodious howling.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are hard to miss due to their large build and double-thick coats. However, their strength is where this breed excels.

With a bite force of about 500 pounds and the ability to pull up to 7,000 pounds, this robust breed is not to be underestimated. Nevertheless, they are known to be affectionate and sociable animals.

Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherds have an extended lifespan, reaching up to 17 years, which provides more time to bond with your pet without worrying about frequent farewells. They are also recognized for their sheep-herding capabilities.


The Chihuahua breed is small but feisty. Despite their size, they have strong and unique personalities, proving that dynamite comes in small packages. They are not just accessories for the rich and famous.


Beaucerons are known for their protective instincts towards their human families. They possess unwavering courage and loyalty, making them an excellent guard dog. These traits made them a popular breed during the World Wars and continue to make them ideal for keeping a watchful eye over loved ones


Dachshunds, commonly known as sausage dogs due to their elongated shape, are skilled badger hunters. Their short stature allows them to maneuver in and out of badger burrows with ease, proving that looks can be deceiving.


Pugs fall under the “toy category” due to their adorable appearance. Their calm temperament makes them an ideal choice for families with small children as they do not bark or bite and are affectionate and patient pets. They are a great way to introduce children to caring for animals.

Image Source: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock

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