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    All You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

    # All You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

    Taylor Swift’s ongoing journey, The Eras Tour, has excited audiences with its promise of unexpected songs at each show.

    Dedicated Taylor fans know she loves to surprise them by adding unconventional tracks to her tour setlists. This tradition began with The Red Tour and continued through the Speak Now World Tour era with surprise covers for her fans.

    The tour is now in full swing, bringing back the element of surprise. With 45 setlist entries already, Taylor has a vast selection of over 200 songs to choose from for her unexpected performances.

    Each show will include two spontaneous acoustic performances by Taylor. By the end of the 2023 leg, Taylor had delighted fans with an additional 124 songs, excluding duplicates or cover songs.

    After wrapping up her 2023 Eras Tour dates, Taylor announced a complete refresh of the surprise songs list. Starting in February 2024, she started incorporating mashups into the acoustic section. Taylor also removed the ‘play it only once’ rule and is now open to repeating songs based on her spontaneity. Here are some highlights from her recent performances:

    – Tokyo, Japan (Feb 7) – ‘Dear Reader’ and ‘Holy Ground’
    – Tokyo, Japan (Feb 8) – ‘Eyes Open’ and ‘Electric Touch’
    – Tokyo, Japan (Feb 9) – ‘Superman’ and ‘The Outside’
    – Tokyo, Japan (Feb 10) – ‘Come In With The Rain’ and ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’
    – Melbourne, Australia (Feb 16) – ‘Red’ and ‘ You’re Losing Me’

    … and the list goes on with performances in various cities around the world.

    As of March 3rd, Taylor has showcased songs from different albums, including tracks from Red (Taylor’s Version), Midnights, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), Fearless, folklore, 1989, Reputation, Taylor Swift, evermore, and Lover, along with ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.’

    The Eras Tour continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its surprises and outstanding performances, making it a must-watch for every Taylor Swift fan.The tour schedule was as follows:
    – São Paulo, Brazil (Nov 23) – ‘and ‘So It Goes…’
    – São Paulo, Brazil (Nov 24) – ‘Now That We Don’t Talk’ and ‘Innocent’
    – São Paulo, Brazil (Nov 25) – ‘Safe & Sound’ and ‘Untouchable’
    – São Paulo, Brazil (Nov 26) – ‘Say Don’t Go’ and ‘it’s time to go’

    In 2023, Taylor surprised fans with 124 additional tracks from her personal catalog, including songs from various albums like Red (Taylor’s Version), Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), 1989 (Taylor’s Version), Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Midnights, Taylor Swift, Reputation, Lover, evermore, and folklore. She also presented one soundtrack piece, ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,’ and a collaboration with Gracie Abrams titled ‘I miss you, I’m sorry.’

    Live performance footage from The Eras Tour on August 3rd, 4th, and 5th captured six unexpected tracks, which will be part of The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) on Disney+. Taylor aims to perform the majority of these surprise songs before concluding the tour and has hinted at resetting the selection for 2024 dates.

    There are several tracks that Taylor has yet to perform as surprises across her albums and upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department. Additionally, stand-alone and soundtrack songs like ‘Crazier,’ ‘Only The Young,’ ‘Carolina,’ and others could potentially be included in future performances.

    Taylor has evolved her approach to performing surprise tracks, now allowing herself to play any song from her catalog as many times as she wishes. This offers fans the potential to experience a wide range of her music during the tour.

    The live concert movie for The Eras Tour captured more surprise tracks, with some potential for reintroducing certain performances in the future. The film showcased the energy and variety of Taylor’s live shows, featuring unexpected songs alongside her well-known hits.

    As Taylor continues to surprise and engage her audience with new music and performances, fans can anticipate an exciting and dynamic experience at her concerts, with the potential for fresh surprises and memorable moments at every show.

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