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An Ocean Telescope? | The Daily Wobble

It might sound a bit strange, but typically telescopes are used to look up into space, right? They help us observe distant objects like stars and planets. However, in theory, telescopes could also be used to study tiny things up close, like neutrino particles.

Neutrinos are extremely small particles that move through space in a seemingly random manner. Unlike solid objects, they can pass through matter like ghosts. Due to their elusive nature and susceptibility to radiation interference, detecting neutrinos is quite challenging. This is where the KM3NeT comes into play.

Credit: KM3NeT

KM3NeT, also known as the Cubic Kilometre Neutrino Telescope, is an underwater sensor array that is currently under construction. Its purpose is to scan the Earth’s crust for traces of neutrinos. Placing this telescope at the ocean floor helps shield it from radiation interference, making it easier to detect passing neutrinos.

There is no specific completion date for KM3NeT yet. However, testing is ongoing simultaneously with the construction process. Once the telescope is fully operational, it will enhance the search for neutrinos. It’s like having a lookout stationed at the bottom of the ocean.

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