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Animals That Can Survive Without Water For A Long Period

Image Source: FOTOGRIN @ Shutterstock

Water is essential for nearly all living organisms on Earth. It is considered the foundation of life and a gift from nature that we must appreciate. Typically, a person can survive without water for about three days, depending on environmental conditions, as the body loses water through sweating, breathing, and waste elimination. Over millions of years, animals worldwide have adapted to survive in harsh, arid environments. These adaptations in desert animals enable them to withstand extreme heat by storing and naturally absorbing water as needed.

There are a few intriguing animals that have demonstrated the ability to survive without drinking water for extended periods. While this might seem improbable, these animals do exist, as discussed below:

Kangaroo Rat

The kangaroo rat, native to North America, is a highly specialized desert animal that thrives in arid environments and can go its entire life without drinking water. This small rodent is named for its long hind legs, similar to the Australian kangaroo, allowing it to hop great distances in search of water and food. By consuming high-carbohydrate foods such as grains, these small mammals can survive without water consumption. Their bodies are uniquely adapted to conserve water, enabling them to live their entire lives without needing to drink water (3-5 years).


The camel is a well-known desert animal and is often referred to as the “ship of the desert” due to its ability to carry heavy loads across vast desert terrains. Camels are renowned for their resilience and ability to survive with very minimal water intake. They can go without drinking water for up to three weeks. Additionally, camels have the remarkable capacity to drink large quantities of water, consuming 100 liters in just 10 minutes.


Giraffes can go even longer periods without drinking water compared to camels. These graceful creatures primarily obtain their water intake from plant sources, with acacia leaves being a significant part of their diet. Giraffes only need to drink water every few days as their bodies do not store water. However, their diet rich in plant material provides them with the necessary hydration.

The Galapagos Tortoise

The Galapagos Tortoise, known for its slow movements, has adapted to survive in the harsh environment of the Galapagos archipelago without food and water for up to a year. These giant tortoises consume various foods, including cactus, fruits, grasses, leaves, and certain plant species to sustain themselves.

Image Source: FOTOGRIN @ Shutterstock

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