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Ariana Grande Explains Her ‘New Voice’ Amidst Discussions About Her Role at the Oscars

“I had to analyze every aspect of myself to show that I can embody this different persona.”

Ariana Grande has been drawing attention not just for her striking blonde hair but also for her speaking voice, especially after her appearance at the Oscars.

During the Oscars, Ariana co-presented the Best Original Song category with Cynthia Erivo from Wicked, leading to speculation about her changed voice.

Since being involved in Wicked, Ariana’s voice has undergone a noticeable transformation. Although she hasn’t directly addressed the comments, she did talk about how preparing for her role as Glinda has influenced her real-life personality.

“I’ve never wanted anything as much as this,” she shared. “I used that drive to dedicate myself to daily training sessions while working on The Voice and preparing for auditions,” she revealed.

“Every day, I worked with Nancy [Banks] and Eric [Vetro] to improve my voice, even changing my singing style. I had to break down every aspect of myself to show that I can embody this different character.”

She explained further: “I basically had to remove the ‘popstar Ari’, the persona that people are so familiar with because it’s hard to convince others of a different portrayal when you’re mainly known for one identity. So, I really had to peel away all those layers.”

In an in-depth interview with Zach Sang, Ariana’s true voice shines as she talks about her upcoming album and projects.

Fans have also noticed changes in Ariana’s musical performances. Her recent performance on SNL (Mar 9) demonstrated an improvement in her “popstar singing voice” due to her Wicked training. (Not that it wasn’t already amazing!)

In a post praising her outstanding rendition of ‘Imperfect For You’, a fan commented: She’s enunciating these words so clearly. Thank you @wickedmovie”

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