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Australian Authorities Find Missing Radioactive Capsule Safely

The capsule was located without causing harm to anyone.

Last week, in Australia, authorities announced the disappearance of a tiny capsule, roughly the size of a coin, along a highway in the western part of the country. This capsule contained a radioactive material called Caesium-137, which could cause severe illness if held for an extended period.

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Authorities initiated a thorough search along the vast highway, equivalent in length to the state of California, establishing perimeters and cautioning locals against interacting with any unfamiliar items they might discover. Emergency teams meticulously combed the highway using radiation-detection devices.

After an exhaustive six-day search, authorities successfully located and recovered the capsule this morning, ensuring the safety of locals and wildlife in the area. There were no adverse effects reported from the incident.

“Considering the extensive search area, finding this object was an immense challenge; the search teams have truly found a needle in a haystack,” remarked State Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson during a press briefing.

Authorities are investigating the details surrounding how the capsule fell out of the transport truck that was en route from a mine in Rio Tinto. The leading hypothesis suggests that a loose screw on the truck created an opening, allowing the capsule to slip out.

“It’s clear that the device should not have been misplaced,” expressed Simon Trott, the iron ore division head, during the press conference. “We regret the incident and the concern it has caused within the Western Australian community.”

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