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Best Places To Find Authentic Food in Macau

Image Source: Avigator Fortuner @ShutterStock

The Macau Peninsula was colonized by the Portuguese over a century ago, and their influence on the culture and food has begun to fade, with less than a tenth of the population now being native-born Portuguese.

Today, Macau is known for its gigantic casinos and is often referred to as the “Vegas of the East”. The region has seen rapid development and the transformation has resulted in the establishment of over 40 casinos.

Traditional shops have been replaced by establishments such as jewelry stores and new restaurants. However, remnants of the original Macau, such as the famous ruins of St. Paul’s and the Chinese A-Ma Temple, still exist.

For those seeking authentic local cuisine, there are a few remaining Macanese restaurants in the peninsula, with António and Miramar being among the best Portuguese restaurants. Other restaurants also strive to preserve true Macanese fare.

Sonia Palmer, who runs the well-known Macanese restaurant Riquexó, emphasizes the differences between Macanese and Portuguese cuisine. The restaurant, known for its classic dishes from Aida’s Macanese recipes, has become a community favorite.

In addition to the classic dishes, Riquexó also offers a selection of Portuguese dishes, including feijoada. There are other local food establishments that showcase the unique taste of Macanese cuisine as well.

For those looking for a more high-end experience, Restaurante Litoral offers a variety of dishes, including the fusion of galinha à Africana and caldo verde. Macanese egg tarts are a popular dessert and have become a culinary icon of Macau.

Image Source: Avigator Fortuner @ShutterStock

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