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Best Poop Training Guide For Your Puppy

Image Source: Reddogs / Shutterstock

Now that you have decided to get a puppy home, you must get used to the fun coming on your way. With all the enjoyable things with your pup, you must also get ready to take some responsibilities to keep everyone safe and happy at home. The major task is to train your pup to be civil and playful. The trainability, the breed, and the size of the puppy are the most crucial factors to consider when you are planning to teach the housebreaking methods to your pup. You might come across a pup who is stubborn or a pup who quite easily understands the concept of going out to poop, or poops in the crate. It is all your luck, lol! Your patience is quite essential for successful potty training for a puppy.

The easy methods of potty training for a puppy

The crate training means that you have to keep your puppy in a crate every time you are not available to supervise it or during its bedtime. The only point is to make your pup feel that the crate is not a place to punish it. Crate training is the most effective way of potty training for a puppy, and this will help it to follow this potty rule every time. To make the crate more comfortable for your dog, you must keep it next to your bed at night. The proximity level of you and your dog will add to make sure that your pup recognizes you by your smell.

You must look at them as you normally do for your kids. Crate training for a puppy is an excellent technique for you if you keep your pup confined to a small area and always keep it under your watch. This way, you can spend more and more time with your pup, and this will also allow it to learn the ways to quickly communicate with you. It can easily inform you in a particular way, that it needs to go for a potty.

Another effective way to teach your pup the housebreaking method under your supervision is newspaper or pad training. You can start this training by covering the area completely with papers and then removing a few pieces of them after every couple of days. Eventually, there will be just one piece of paper that you can move to the door and later outside the house. This way, your puppy will learn that he has to go outdoors for its potty time.

How to perform the crate training?

Training a puppy is the hardest part after welcoming it into your house. Crate training is the most recommended way to let your pup adjust in the new atmosphere and makes it learn to poop outside the house. Here is a way for you to design a potty training for a puppy:

  • You require a crate, newspapers, a leash, and a collar.
  • Place the crate in a location where everyone can stay around the puppy to look at it. You can keep the crate on your bedside at night. Also, always keep the pup in the crate except for the playtimes or mealtimes.
  • Take your pup outside after every hour or so with a leash. Give it some time to play and then keep it again in the crate. Also, praise your pup every time it poops. Follow this method for the next few weeks.
  • Keep a track of pup’s eating and eliminating schedule so that you get to know how often you need to take it outside after the training is over.

Image Source: Reddogs / Shutterstock

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