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Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC Apartment to be Available for Rent

Credit: Unsplash

Besides their usual business of renting beds and living spaces quickly and easily, Airbnb has had an amusing side business running for the last few years wherein they’ll rent out special packages in unusual rooms. Examples of this include last December when they rented a special dome bedroom in the middle of Time’s Square, New York to watch the ball drop live, or last August when they rented out the last Blockbuster location for a retro sleepover. This time, they’ve got a new offering on deck specifically for fans of the TV series Sex and the City.

Airbnb, Warner Bros., and Sarah Jessica Parker have teamed up to create a show-accurate recreation of Carrie Bradshaw’s lovely New York City apartment (opulent walk-in closet included). Two lucky renters can book a one-night stay in the apartment for a paltry $23 in honor of the show’s 23rd anniversary. Guests will receive a virtual greeting from Parker herself, followed by a chance to dress up in the closet, complimentary cosmopolitans, and a walk around Manhattan.

“The goal was to design the apartment in a way that would look and feel like the cozy, lived-in space Carrie created in Sex and the City,” an Airbnb spokesperson told Fox Business. “Her apartment was eclectic without being cluttered, and it told the story of her personality with the never-ending piles of Vogues, overflowing closet, and of course, the post-it notes.”

“The Carrie Bradshaw character is near and dear to my heart, and revisiting her world for the continuation of the Sex and the City story has been such a joy,” Parker said about the listing. “I’m excited for our audience to experience Carrie’s New York like never before and walk in her shoes, quite literally, for the first time.”

The listing will open for requests on November 8, with the stays scheduled for November 12 and 13.

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