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    Coca-Cola Introduces New Special Flavor: Dreamworld

    Over the past few months, Coca-Cola has been gradually introducing their Coca-Cola Creations line, which consists of unique flavors of their popular beverage with unconventional and interesting profiles. Today, Coca-Cola revealed the latest addition to their Creations lineup, which takes abstraction to a whole new level.

    The fourth installment of Coca-Cola Creations is named Coke Dreamworld, a Coca-Cola variation that aims to embody the taste of dreams, or so it seems.

    According to a spokesperson from Coca-Cola who spoke to CNN via email, “We aimed to craft a beverage inspired by dreams that still retains the familiar Coca-Cola essence but incorporates elements that capture the whimsical and vibrant nature of dreams.”

    Adding to this, the spokesperson mentioned, “Drawing inspiration from the colorful realm of dreams, we infused our classic Coca-Cola flavor with a burst of lively tastes.”

    Dreamworld will be hitting shelves on August 15 in both regular and zero-sugar options. Feedback from initial taste testers suggest that it offers a Coke base with a touch of citrus-like sweetness reminiscent of tropical fruits. Similar to the previous Coca-Cola Creations variants, Dreamworld packaging will include a QR code for an augmented reality music experience featuring original tunes, a virtual DJ, and interactive games.

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