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    Coke Teams Up with Marshmello for New Flavor

    ## Coca-Cola Collaborates with Marshmello for Unique New Flavor

    Since the start of 2022, Coca-Cola has been introducing new limited-edition flavors under its Coca-Cola Creations brand. These quirky and innovative flavors have included Starlight, described as “space-flavored,” and Byte, noted for its “pixel-flavored” taste. Today, Coca-Cola has unveiled its latest offering, and this time they have enlisted the help of a big-name collaborator.

    The newest creation flavor from Coca-Cola is Marshmello, named after the popular DJ and electronic musician Marshmello, suggesting that it is not marshmallow-flavored but inspired by Marshmello’s distinct tastes.

    Oana Vlad, Coca-Cola’s senior director of global strategy, remarked in a statement, “For our third Coca-Cola Creations release, we wanted to blend unexpected flavors with the classic Coca-Cola taste.”

    Marshmello added in a separate statement, “We have concocted a vibrant mixture of my favorite flavors in this brand-new concoction. I believe it tastes fantastic, and I hope fans will love it too.”

    Available in both regular and zero-sugar versions, the drink is primarily flavored with watermelon and strawberry, according to the can. It will be launched in the United States on July 11, followed by a global release later in the summer.

    This marks the first collaboration between Coca-Cola and a musical artist, and they intend to make the most of this partnership. Beginning July 9, the drink will be featured on Marshmello’s Twitch channel. Consumers who purchase a can will be able to scan a QR code from July 25 onwards to access a promotional website where, as Coca-Cola claims, “AI technology will translate their emotions while listening to Marshmello’s latest track into a personalized digital artwork.” Quite intriguing and artistic, isn’t it?

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