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Coke’s Next Special Flavor is ‘Dreamworld’

Coca-Cola has recently introduced a range of special flavors called Coca-Cola Creations, which offer unique and sometimes abstract taste experiences. Today, the company announced their latest creation, and it’s even more abstract than before.

The fourth Coca-Cola Creations product is called Coke Dreamworld, and it aims to capture the taste of dreams. According to a Coke spokesperson, the goal was to create a dream-inspired drink that retains the familiar Coca-Cola flavor but also incorporates elements that evoke the playfulness and vibrancy of dreams.

Dreamworld will be available in regular and zero-sugar versions starting from August 15. Initial tasters have described the taste as reminiscent of Coke with a hint of citrusy sweetness, similar to tropical fruit. Like the previous Coke Creations flavors, Dreamworld cans and bottles will feature a QR code that can be scanned to access an augmented reality music party, complete with original tracks, a virtual DJ, and playable games.

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