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Controlling Android Phones Now Possible through Facial Expressions

Credit: Unsplash

Google has been enhancing accessibility options in the Android mobile operating system over time. These features cater to users who face challenges in operating an Android phone conventionally. One such feature, “Switch Access,” facilitates users highlighting and selecting items on an Android phone using external Bluetooth or USB devices. With the latest Android update, individuals can now control their devices using their facial expressions.

Recently, Google updated the Android Accessibility Suite found in Android 12 phones, initially available on Pixel phones. They introduced a new feature called “Camera Switch,” which enables users to manipulate the movement and interactions on the screen solely through facial expressions. Camera Switch offers two modes of facial control: users can link specific facial expressions to particular apps or assign multiple expressions to various Android functions.

Currently, Camera Switch can detect actions like opening the mouth, raising eyebrows, looking up, down, left, right, or smiling. To enable the feature, users need to assign expressions for scrolling, clicking, and pausing the device. A notification indicates when the camera is active and scanning, ensuring user awareness. However, continuous use of this feature may slightly reduce the device’s battery life. Camera Switch is compatible with Android 12 phones, and some users have reported it working on Android 11 devices under specific conditions.

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