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    Crazy Disney Fan Theories That Will Leave You Surprised

    Image Source: chrisdorney / Shutterstock

    Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was one of Disney’s first adaptations from a book to the screen. The film is filled with references to ingesting substances that lead to wild experiences. Some fans think that the character Alice might have been “chemically enhanced”.

    In the movie, Alice eats what looks like a mushroom, drinks a suspicious liquid, and encounters a smoking caterpillar, which has led to this theory.

    Captain Hook the Mermaid Murderer

    In The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s mother is notably absent, leading fans to speculate that Captain Hook from Peter Pan may have killed her. Fans suggest that this could be due to the rivalry between Captain Hook and Queen Coralie, the mermaids’ queen. They believe that the pirates in Peter Pan could have been mermaid hunters, ultimately leading to this theory.

    Undercover Genie

    In Aladdin, there’s a theory that the minor character known as “The Peddler” is actually the Genie in disguise. Fans speculated this due to their in-depth knowledge of the magic lamp, and it was later confirmed by the directors of the movie as originally intended.

    Up to Heaven

    In the movie “Up,” fans have theorized that the protagonist, Carl, passes away shortly after his wife, and the entire plot of the movie is his journey to heaven. This theory suggests that Carl’s refusal to sell his home led to his demise due to the stress of being evicted from his home.

    Boo Becomes Brave

    Fans believe that Boo, from Monsters Inc., uses interdimensional travel to seek out Sulley and Mike by traveling back in time to the world of Brave. They think that Boo gained mystical knowledge in her search, pointing out a wooden carving of Sulley in her cottage as evidence.

    Finding Nobody

    In “Finding Nemo,” fans have drawn parallels between the title and the story, suggesting that Nemo could be a figment of Marlin’s imagination to cope with the grief of losing his partner. This theory presents the movie as a story of going through the stages of grief and acceptance.

    Gaston Gives Way to the Heroine

    Fans believe that Gaston’s character in Beauty and the Beast was designed to play a pivotal role in ending the damsel in distress cliché, and that Belle, the princess, saved the day rather than the prince, igniting a generation of Disney heroines.

    Anna and Elsa’s Jungle Brother

    The director of Frozen confirmed the long-believed theory that Tarzan is a sibling of Anna and Elsa. He described a story in which Anna and Elsa’s parents were marooned on a desert island, and their mother gave birth to Tarzan on the island.

    Elsa’s Saturnian Sorcery

    Fans of Frozen have wondered about the source of Elsa’s magical powers. The producers finally revealed that her powers came from an alignment of Earth and the planet Saturn.

    10 Mind-Blowing Disney Fan Theories That Will Change the Way You Think About These Movies

    Troll Teaches Elsa to Troll

    In the film, a stone troll was supposed to explain the origin of Elsa’s powers, but the scene was cut from the final edit.

    Cars Voices from Beyond the Grave

    The anthropomorphic vehicles in Cars had different accents that were inherited from their last owners, adding an eerie dimension to the story.

    Ariel Finds the Frozen Shipwreck

    Fans have connected Ariel from The Little Mermaid to the shipwreck in Frozen, suggesting a hidden link between the two Disney universes.

    The Peddler Profits

    Some theories suggest that the peddler in Aladdin may have concocted the entire story, adding a layer of mystery to the film.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is the Subconscious

    Fans have speculated that the characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas represent different aspects of the human mind, delving into the psychological aspects of the movie.

    Horrifying Onomatopoeia

    An intriguing theory suggests that in The Emperor’s New Groove, the animals that can talk were once humans, adding a dark twist to the storyline.

    Woody Connects Andy to His Father

    Toy Story fans theorize that Woody once belonged to Andy’s dad, hinting at a mysterious backstory for the beloved character.

    Belle and Jane Share DNA

    Fans have connected Mrs. Potts from Tarzan to Jane’s great grandmother Belle, suggesting a hidden familial tie between the two characters.

    Quasimodo’s Imaginary Friends

    Disney fans have debated whether Quasimodo’s gargoyle companions were real or simply products of his lonely and delusional mind.

    Wicked Wheezy

    A theory paints Wheezy from Toy Story as a deceptive character, adding a new layer of complexity to the beloved film.

    Ariel and Hercules Share Mythical Heritage

    It’s not commonly known, but Ariel and Hercules are actually first cousins. By looking at the family tree, it becomes evident. In Greek mythology, Ariel’s father, Triton, is the same as Poseidon. Considering that Roman and Greek gods were mostly the same and only shared differences in names, it’s clear that Ariel and Hercules are related. Poseidon, who is Ariel’s father, is the brother of Zeus, who is the king of the gods, making Hercules the son of Zeus. Therefore, Hercules and Ariel are first cousins!

    Monsters Inc. Turns things Inside Out

    The interdimensional elements of Monsters Inc. again come into play with the 2015 movie, Inside Out. Some fans have theorized that Bing Bong, a character from Inside Out, could be a Monsters Inc. denizen. They suggest that his disappearance at the end of the movie meant he simply traveled back to Monstropolis after originally coming to collect Riley’s laughter. However, this theory is speculative and has not been confirmed.

    Sulley is Skinned

    A fan theory suggests a connection between a piece of bathroom décor and a conversation between Sulley and Randall in Monsters Inc. Randall expresses his disdain for humans and warns Sulley that after capturing monsters, humans “make toilet seats out of their fur”. Later, a scene from Toy Story Toons- Partysaurus Rex shows a toilet seat cover in Bonnie’s bathroom bearing the same color and markings as Sulley’s fur, suggesting a connection. However, this theory remains speculative and has not been confirmed.

    Aladin and Jasmine Appear to Hercules

    An interesting theory suggests that characters from different Disney movies, such as Aladdin, Jasmine, and Hercules, could have been within close proximity to each other. Fans have pointed out a shooting star that appears purple in the movie Hercules, stating a similarity to Aladdin’s magic carpet. However, this theory remains speculative and is not confirmed.

    Snow White and the Kiss of Death

    Some fans have come up with a darker interpretation of Snow White’s ending. They suggest that the prince who wakes Snow White with a kiss might actually represent death, as she had been in a coma for a year after being poisoned. This theory presents a more grim outlook on the classic fairy tale.

    Jasmine Pulls the Strings

    Some fans have developed a theory that Jasmine actually recruited Jafar to obtain the lamp in the movie Aladdin in order to find freedom. They believe that Aladdin’s appearance changed the course of events, leading to the freedom that Jasmine desired. However, this theory remains speculative and has not been confirmed.

    Scar’s Cannibalistic Tendencies

    A dark fan theory suggests that Scar, from The Lion King, may have had cannibalistic tendencies after killing Mufasa. This theory is based on a scene where Scar picks up a lion’s skull while Zazu sings the song “Lovely Bunch of Coconuts”. This theory presents a grim interpretation of the character’s actions, although it remains speculative and has not been confirmed.

    Cobra Bubbles Covert Connections

    Another fan theory revolves around the character of Cobra Bubbles from Lilo and Stitch. It suggests that Lilo’s parents were CIA operatives and had entrusted Cobra Bubbles with the wellbeing of their children in the event of their demise. This theory attempts to explain the character’s mysterious background. However, it remains speculative and has not been confirmed.

    Image Source: chrisdorney / Shutterstock

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