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Danielle Feels Left out from Carl and Lindsay’s Engagement on ‘Summer House’

Danielle’s exclusion from Carl and Lindsay’s engagement leaves her emotional and upset.

Summer House fans were shocked when Danielle Olivera, the long-time friend of Lindsay Hubbard, was excluded from the planning phase of her best friend’s engagement to Carl Radke. During season 7 of the Bravo series, Danielle and Lindsay’s friendship was on the rocks. The tech guru expressed her concerns on the show about how fast Lindsay and Carl were moving with their relationship, which caused the Hubb House PR founder to start freezing Danielle out.

The recent episode showed how emotional Danielle got over being left out of such an important moment in Lindsay’s life. When Kyle Cooke told his roommates that Carl was proposing to Lindsay, Danielle sarcastically commented on how “cool” it was that Carl included her in the whole thing. She further expressed her concern about not being invited to the wedding and how hurt she was over not knowing about Lindsay’s engagement plans.

Danielle was seen holding back tears as she told her housemates that it was “f—ked up” for Carl not to say anything to her. She even caused a scene at Lindsay and Carl’s engagement party, telling another partygoer how pissed off she was about only learning of the engagement an hour ago.

Lindsay later revealed how Danielle had been bad-mouthing her during the engagement party, which made the whole event about Danielle rather than Lindsay and Carl. Lindsay expressed her disappointment in Danielle’s actions and announced that she was no longer her best friend or even a friend.

Although Danielle claimed she was happy for Lindsay and Carl, the entire situation left her feeling left out and hurt. It remains to be seen if the two former best friends will ever reconcile or if this is the end of their friendship for good. One thing is clear: the exclusion from the engagement party has left Danielle feeling isolated and hurt, and whether she will be able to move on from this situation is unclear.

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