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Did You Know These Fascinating Facts About The Titanic?

Image Source: Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock

In a time before environmental concerns, the Titanic would dispose of over 100 tonnes of ash into the ocean daily.

This practice, a result of the ship’s coal-burning power, would have had significant ecological impacts on marine life and seawater composition.

Titanic Treasures

Over 6,000 gems have been recovered from the wreckage over the years.

Notable finds include a warning bell, a pair of gloves, and a violin belonging to Wallace Hartley, the band leader who played as the ship went down.


Journalist Senan Molony has suggested that a coal fire weeks before the Titanic’s final voyage may have contributed to its sinking.

The evidence suggests that the ship’s hull metal was weakened by a three-week fire, making the hull more vulnerable to puncture by the iceberg.


The film “Titanic” depicts a scene of crew members using flashlights in the icy waters, but flashlights were not yet invented at the time of the disaster. The scene has been criticized for historical inaccuracy, although the director later explained it was a conscious choice for better visibility in the film.

Mainly Masculine Crew

Of the over 900 crew members, only 23 were women, mainly in roles related to nursing care and food and drink provision.

Most of the female crew members survived, while sadly, 693 male crew members perished in the sinking.

Inquiry Into the Catastrophe

The U.S. investigated the sinking to assess if the disaster could have been prevented.

The inquiry recorded over 80 passengers’ testimonies of the sinking, revealing a severe delay in alerting passengers to the danger and the absence of a lifeboat drill before the accident.

The Last Supper

First-class passengers enjoyed an extravagant eleven-course meal on the night of the sinking, including filet mignon, roasted pigeon, foie gras, oysters, and champagne.

Launch Party

The Titanic was first launched on May 31, 1911, in Belfast, drawing a crowd of over 100,000 spectators, approximately a third of the city’s population at that time.

Dedicated Director

The director of the 1997 film about the disaster, James Cameron, conducted extensive research on the ship, making 12 deep-sea diving expeditions to the Titanic wreckage within a year to ensure accuracy in the film.

His dedication to understanding the ship and the tragedy led him to create the film.

The Missing Six

Following the sinking, six Chinese crew members rescued by the Carpathia were not permitted entry to the United States due to immigration laws at the time. Their subsequent fate remains unknown.

Man’s Best Friend

First-class passengers were allowed to bring their dogs onboard, and 12 dogs accompanied their owners on the ship. Unfortunately, only a Pekinese

and two Pomeranians managed to survive. Their small size allowed them to sneak onto a lifeboat without being noticed!”

Wealthy Passengers

Boarding the luxurious liner as a first-class passenger was quite expensive. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the doomed travelers had a significant amount of wealth among them.

Image Source: Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock

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