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Discover the Soothing Sounds of Jeffrey Iqbal

When the sun is shining and the weather is pleasant, one of my favorite things to do is relax on the balcony, take off my shoes and socks, recline on a comfortable chair, and listen to some calming music (with headphones of course, so as not to bother my neighbors). Some might call this “vibing,” a term popular among the younger crowd. Not all music is suitable for vibing though. I doubt you could vibe to something like death metal. While I do appreciate some heavy tunes now and then, they are more for headbanging and air drumming than for unwinding. The perfect vibing music combines lo-fi, a touch of techno, and a whole lot of heartfelt melodies. Let the music convey the emotions, so you can just let go and enjoy.

Credit: Jeffrey Iqbal

If you’re looking for exceptionally smooth vibing tracks, delve into the music of Jeffrey Iqbal. His music seamlessly blends the soulful tunes of Bollywood with the energetic beats of western pop. This fusion creates the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vibe. One great example is his rendition of “Girls like you” by Maroon 5 and “Tere Bina” by AR Rahman. Just picture him performing on a deck on a sunny day, barefoot – the epitome of ideal vibing music.

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