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Disney Applies for Patent to Create ‘Real’ Lightsaber

Credit: Unsplash

Almost everyone admires lightsabers. Even if you’re not a huge Star Wars fan, there’s something captivating about lightsabers. They blend the elegance of an ancient katana with the futuristic science fiction from a distant galaxy. Everything about them, from their design to the unique sounds they produce, has become iconic. Over the years, enthusiasts have tried to craft their own lightsabers, whether as functional tools or intricate toys. While there are high-end collectibles featuring long, unwieldy blades, the inability of these replicas to retract has always been a drawback. Fortunately, Disney specializes in making magic happen.

Disney has officially submitted a US patent for a new lightsaber design, possibly for use at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park in Disney World. Of course, this isn’t a genuine lightsaber capable of cutting through steel doors or obliterating adversaries (although who knows what Disney has up its sleeve). Instead, it’s a novel type of lightsaber toy with an extending, fully illuminated blade. This isn’t like the toy lightsabers with telescopic blades; with just the press of a button, the entire blade emerges.

The actual details of the patent may be intricate for an average person to grasp, but VR engineer Ben Ridout shared a series of tweets to elucidate how the design works. It operates somewhat like a reversed tape measure, featuring two spring-loaded circular components that pop out from the hilt. These components are equipped with flexible LED strips that cause the blade to illuminate. While the durability of the blade material and the inclusion of motion-sensing technology remain uncertain, it’s likely that people will be eager to get their hands on them once Disney decides to unveil them, unless they are specifically intended for prop use only.

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