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Donald Trump’s Trial – Everything You Need to Know

The Fall of a Leader: The Legal Troubles of Donald Trump

The legal woes for former President Donald Trump are mounting as new details emerge in the ongoing investigation into his business dealings.

The former President, who has been indicted on 34 counts he pleaded not guilty to, is under fire due to hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, and the now revealed two other payments made to keep damaging information from coming to light.

According to court documents, the National Enquirer, a US tabloid known for its close ties to Mr. Trump, made two payments on behalf of the former President.

The first payment of $30,000 was reportedly made to silence a doorman at Trump Tower who claimed to know a lovechild Mr. Trump fathered with a former employee. The second payment of $150,000 was made to Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Mr. Trump.

These additional charges only add to the mounting legal troubles facing Mr. Trump. As the first US president in history to face a criminal trial, the stakes are high for the former commander-in-chief.

The charges of falsifying business records to hide the payments ahead of the 2016 election carry serious consequences, including the possibility of jail time.

In a defiant address after pleading not guilty, Mr. Trump criticized the state of the US justice system, claiming the country is “going to hell.” However, legal experts say the charges against him are serious and could lead to a conviction.

Both sides of the political spectrum closely watch the case, as the outcome could have far-reaching implications for future presidential investigations.

One thing is certain: Mr. Trump’s legal troubles are far from over, and the eyes of the world will be watching as this historic case plays out in the courts.

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