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Dutch Bridge to be Disassembled to Make Way for Jeff Bezos’ Yacht

Credit: Unsplash

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and one of the single wealthiest human beings on the entire planet, is currently having a new superyacht assembled in an Oceano shipyard in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. This yacht is slated to be roughly 417 feet long, which is a level of extravagance entirely on brand for Bezos. The only problem, however, is that nobody bothered to check whether the vessel was too big to leave port before they started building it.

Between the shipyard and open waters is the historic Koningshavenbrug Bridge of Rotterdam, originally assembled in 1878 and reconstructed after a World War II bombing in 1940. It’s a major landmark for the city, and following its most recent renovation in 2017, the city council promised it would never be messed with again. Unfortunately, the only way to get Bezos’ gigantic yacht out of the port will be to do exactly that.

The Koningshavenbrug Bridge will be partially disassembled to allow the yacht safe passage into open waters, then reassembled afterward. The office of the Mayor of Rotterdam issued a statement promising that the disassembly job would provide some economic stimulus and new jobs to the city, and that the bridge would be restored to its proper state when the job is finished. Even so, Rotterdam locals are not happy about their landmark being broken down to accommodate a superyacht.

“Jobs are important, but there are limits with what you can and should do with our industrial heritage,” Ton Wesselink, a Rotterdam resident and local historian, told Dutch News.

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