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Eden Harper Shares Unexpected Split from Jayden Eynaud

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud, a couple from the show Married At First Sight Australia, once seemed to have a promising relationship. However, Eden has now confirmed their surprising breakup!

Fans were shocked to hear the news this morning about the breakup between Married At First Sight Australia’s Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud.

The couple, who were matched by relationship experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling, and John Aiken, seemed to be doing well during the social experiment. However, problems started to arise just before the homestay phase.

Despite working through their issues, making it to the final vows, and committing to each other after the experiment, Eden took to social media to announce the breakup, expressing her surprise at how things turned out.

“I’m saddened to announce that as the show was ending, so did our relationship. It was a harsh reality to face, as the person I chose did not feel the same way,” Eden shared.

The show finished airing in Australia towards the end of March 2024, suggesting that the breakup likely happened a few weeks earlier, with the couple keeping it quiet.

Interestingly, just a day before the breakup announcement, Jayden posted a happy picture on Instagram with Eden and his brother Mitch Eynaud.

In the photo, Eden and Jayden are seen holding hands and smiling, but according to Eden’s statement, the breakup likely occurred before the photo was shared.

In her breakup message, Eden stated, “Although I’m upset, I don’t regret the experiment, the people I met, the lessons learned, and the personal growth I experienced.”

“Thank you for your support and for sharing the same hopes of a fairytale ending that I had envisioned.”

Shortly after, Jayden also posted on Instagram, saying, “Life doesn’t always go as planned.”

“After the experiment, Eden and I went back to our lives on the Gold Coast, cherishing our time together as we continued to build our relationship.

“Unfortunately, things took a turn before the end of the experiment. Despite the sadness, I appreciate the amazing journey with such an incredible woman and a wonderful son. Both of you will always have a family on the Gold Coast.”

The breakup came as a surprise to fans, given the couple’s strong presence on the show. However, tensions started to show during their homestays just two weeks before the experiment ended.

As they were getting ready for their homestays, conflict arose when Jayden claimed that Eden was mysteriously missing that morning.

Subsequently, Jayden was seen going to the airport alone and catching a flight by himself, saying that Eden hadn’t been in touch with him that morning.

Eden shared with PEDESTRIAN.TV that she believes a reconciliation with Jayden is unlikely.

“We don’t talk anymore… I’ve been very upset and deeply saddened by how things turned out between Jayden and me,” she told the publication.

Eden then recalled how unexpected it all was for her.

“It was one evening when he came over for dinner and to spend the night… we had dinner, and shortly after that, he ended our relationship abruptly,” Eden remembered. “It has been a difficult time for me, and I was really committed to making things work.”

However, after the show ended, Eden appeared on The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G and revealed that Jayden had fabricated the entire homestay story.

During the radio broadcast, she explained, “I made a mistake that morning. I didn’t leave to ponder my feelings or for any important reason; I took an Uber to the city to fix my nail, such a trivial reason. The traffic was terrible. It took me over an hour to get back home, even though we live just 15 minutes from the city, causing me to miss the flight.”

“Jayden was fully aware of where I was and what was happening. I’m confused as to why he claimed he hadn’t heard from me because he definitely had,” she revealed, mentioning that she had proof of her communication with Jayden.

“I have solid evidence of the text exchange with Jayden where I was at the airport at the same time they were checking in, and I booked the next flight, telling him ‘I’m getting on the next flight, which will be two hours after yours’,”

“So, at that point when they filmed him boarding [the plane], he knew exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was shocked, why was he acting that way?”

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