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Elton John Recalls his Experiences with Stevie Wonder and John Lennon

Credit: Unsplash

Elton John, the globally acclaimed British singer-songwriter, is known for his illustrious career, including the biopic Rocketman, a testament to his success. Despite planning his final concert tour, the Farewell Yellow Brick Tour, John intends to continue creating music beyond this tour once the pandemic concludes.

During a recent call-in interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, John fondly recalled his interactions with musical legends like Stevie Wonder and John Lennon from The Beatles. He shared a memory where he almost missed a performance by Stevie Wonder due to his negative mood on his birthday.

John recounted, “It’s not one of my brightest and most wonderful moments. I was on ‘The Starship,’ which was a jet that we were renting.”

Originated as a private jet popular among musicians during the 70s and 80s, The Starship was famously used by bands like Led Zeppelin.

John explained the incident further, “I had just finished a show. It was my birthday, and I wasn’t pleased with the performance. So, feeling upset, I isolated myself at the front of the jet. They repeatedly urged me to join them to sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ but I declined every time. It took my publicist breaking into tears, revealing Stevie Wonder’s presence at the organ for me to finally oblige. I felt immense remorse for the situation, and I will always remember that moment with regret.”

Recently, Elton John released “The Lockdown Sessions,” a collaborative album reflecting the music he and other artists created during the pandemic lockdown, exploring their creative boundaries.

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