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Elton John Reminisces on Relationship with Stevie Wonder, John Lennon

Credit: Unsplash

When it comes to world-beloved musicians, there are few as renowned as British singer-songwriter Elton John. John has had a long and storied career, plus a biopic in Rocketman, which is usually proof that he’s done something right. Whenever the pandemic finally ends for good, he’s planning on embarking on the Farewell Yellow Brick Tour, the very last concert tour he’ll ever do (though he’ll still be making music well after that).

Last night, during a call-in interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, John reminisced about his relationships with other historically significant musicians, such as Stevie Wonder and The Beatles’ John Lennon. According to John, he almost snubbed a performance by Stevie Wonder by accident due to a sour mood on his birthday.

“It’s not one of my brightest and most wonderful moments. I was on ‘The Starship,’ which was a jet that we were renting.”

The Starship was a private jet frequently used by travelling musicians in the 70s and 80s, originally popularized by Led Zeppelin.

“I had just done a show. It was my birthday. And I wasn’t happy with the show. So I went up front and sat on my own. And they said, ‘Come up to the bow. We want to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you.’ And I went, ‘I’m not interested in my birthday.’ And this happened about three or four times until my publicist burst into tears and said, ‘You have to come up there Stevie Wonder is at the organ.’ Of course, the plane had an organ on it. ‘And he wants to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you.’ And I felt such a horror. I felt so bad and I went up there, and he sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. And it’s an incident I will never forget, and as I say, I’m not very proud of.”

Elton John recently released “The Lockdown Sessions,” a compilation album of the music he and other musicians created while in pandemic lockdown in an effort to get in touch with their creative spirits.

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