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    Ethan Hawke Takes Greyhound Bus for ‘Wildcat’ Premiere

    Ethan Hawke, the Emmy Award-winning actor, surprised everyone by choosing to travel to the premiere of his latest movie, “Wildcat,” at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on a Greyhound bus. This unexpected decision garnered attention from the media.

    At the renowned TIFF event in Toronto, Canada, 52-year-old Ethan Hawke walked the red carpet with his daughter, actress Maya Hawke, creating a memorable entrance. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, they shared the interesting story behind their journey.

    Ethan Hawke, famous for his role in “Stranger Things,” explained that he decided to take a Greyhound bus when all his flight arrangements were canceled. Maya Hawke confirmed this unique choice of transportation and mentioned the buzz it created.

    Maya amusingly recalled the circumstances, saying, “Yes, indeed! Everyone is talking about it! He had to take the bus here because all the flights were canceled.” Standing beside her, Ethan Hawke proudly added, “Three flights were canceled, so I thought, ‘I won’t let an airport stop me from attending this event.’ Thus, I went to Port Authority and caught the bus.”

    Ethan Hawke also revealed that he was not alone on this adventure; his wife and producing partner accompanied him on the Greyhound journey.

    When asked if his celebrity status was recognized by fellow passengers or at the bus station, Ethan downplayed his fame, saying, “Man, nobody cares about anyone else on the bus.” He humorously added, “no one feels comfortable” taking such a mode of transportation, emphasizing that “nobody really cares at all.” He spent the trip engrossed in a book, maintaining a low-key profile until customs, where he was finally recognized just before daybreak.

    The father-daughter duo also expressed their deep connection to the film “Wildcat.” 25-year-old Maya described the filmmaking process as “indescribably remarkable” and one of the most extraordinary experiences of her life. They both expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of TIFF and celebrated the chance to share the movie with fans and colleagues.

    During the event, Ethan Hawke took a moment to address the audience and playfully praised his daughter’s performance in the film. He said, “If you watch anything else tonight, what you’re going to witness is a young artist orbiting around their father and quickly dashing out the door, giving him a pat on the rear as she departs.” He continued to shower praise on Maya’s exceptional work in “Wildcat” and expressed his eagerness for everyone to see her remarkable performance.

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