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Experience A Night In The Fresh Prince’s Kingdom: Your Exclusive Stay Opportunity

Image Source: Hotel Magazine NZ

There has never been a fresher prince since Will Smith on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. The show was aired 30 years ago and introduced us with Uncle Phil, the Carlton dance, and Smith’s smooth charm. In honor of the show’s 30th anniversary (yes, it makes us feel just as old), the lavish mansion that used to house the Prince was listed on Airbnb.

What’s in it?

If you used to own a TV in the 90s, you’ll probably think you’ll be able to identify the familiar interior of the mansion in your sleep. But today’s “kingdom” is a little different than what you remember from all those years ago. The house will feature some familiar faces — pictures of Aunt Viv, Uncle Phil, and the whole lot. Other than that, the place has some impressive graffiti, and each room is decorated with befitting items. So, in Will’s room, you’ll find Nike sneakers on display as well as an array of snap-back hats. The fabulous pool which we all fondly remember is just as luxurious with inviting lounge chairs you can chill on to your heart’s content.

How do you get a night at the mansion?

Spending a night or two at the mansion is pretty cheap, but otherwise difficult. Let us explain. There are only five available nights at the mansion (starting on September 29, 2020) and those interested can book no more than one overnight stay. Guests are limited to Will’s wing of the house and can book a stay only if they currently reside in Los Angeles Country. That being said, the price is surprisingly affordable — only $30 a night! The lucky few who get to spend a dreamy night at their 90s fantasy home will even be virtually welcomed into the house by Jazzy Jeff, to kick things off the right way.

Image Source: Hotel Magazine NZ

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