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Exploring the World of Technological Sustainability

Image Source: PeachShutterStock @ShutterStock

In nearly every aspect of our lives, if not all, technology has influenced how we interact with the world. This article discusses current technological advancements that are helping to combat global warming.

Domestic Transportation

Electric vehicles have the potential to address two major issues. They can significantly reduce noise pollution and eliminate the typical toxic fumes associated with burning fuel. With the availability of Tesla cars, the automotive industry’s next milestone is approaching faster than anticipated.

Public Transportation

In various parts of China, electric public transportation systems have already been implemented and are fully operational. Despite the high initial cost of ‘e-Busses’, they are more cost-effective when considering the amount of gas required to operate.

Commercial Transportation

While driving alongside trucks can be nerve-wracking, the adoption of electric trucks and trains is a potential solution. However, the slow induction of this technology is due to its substantial cost. Nevertheless, companies are increasingly adopting these alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. It is anticipated that the adoption of electric trucks in some international markets may surpass that of standard electric vehicles within the next decade.

Plastic Cycles

The environmental impact of plastics is a pressing concern. Only 16% of the nearly 300 million tons of plastic created annually is recycled, leading to a significant buildup of plastic waste. Adopting a circular economy model and utilizing pyrolysis as a potential solution can help address the plastic problem. Pyrolysis, a heating process of inorganic material in the absence of fire, allows plastic waste to be melted down and reshaped for reuse, showing promising results for both environmental and economic sustainability.

Taking the LED in Lighting

The widespread adoption of LED lighting in American homes has led to significant energy savings, translating to millions of dollars saved by the government. If the market continues to embrace LED lighting, these savings could amount to billions by 2030. Amidst global challenges, focusing on opportunities that arise from adversity is essential, as human ingenuity has historically thrived in challenging times.

Image Source: PeachShutterStock @ShutterStock

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