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Facts That Everyone Believes Is True, But They Are Actually Not!

Image Source: Shidlovski / Shutterstock

It’s a common belief that we lose body heat primarily from our heads, but in reality, adults lose body temperature evenly throughout their bodies.

Babies are the only ones who lose most of their body temperature through their heads, and even then, it’s only when they’re not fully covered and clothed. While covering your head is important, it won’t make a significant difference if the rest of your body isn’t properly covered.

Hair Turns Grey Earlier If You Dye It Frequently

Many believe that frequent hair dyeing leads to premature graying. However, aging and genetics play a more significant role in hair pigmentation loss.

Stress and poor health choices can contribute to premature graying, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle may help preserve hair color. Ultimately, the timing of graying is largely determined by genetics.

Goldfish Forget Things After Just Three Seconds

It’s widely believed that goldfish have a three-second memory, but this is not entirely accurate. In reality, goldfish have the ability to remember things for at least a few months.

The origin of the three-second memory myth is unknown, but it’s clear that goldfish have a much longer memory span than commonly believed.

Washing Your Hands With Soap Kills Germs

Using soap while washing your hands is important for removing germs and bacteria, but the misconception that it kills them is inaccurate.

When we wash our hands with soap, it helps trap the bad things we’ve touched, which are then rinsed away when we wash the soap off. This process achieves cleanliness without necessarily killing the bacteria.

Bottled Water Is Better Than Tap Water

Contrary to popular belief, bottled water is not necessarily cleaner and healthier than tap water. In fact, bottled water is often less regulated than tap water, especially in the United States where it is considered packaged food and subject to fewer health regulation

Additionally, the environmental and health impacts of plastic consumption associated with bottled water should also be considered.

Touching Frogs or Toads Gives You Warts

It’s commonly believed that touching frogs or toads can give you warts, but this is a myth. The bumps on frogs’ bodies are not warts but protective glands containing irritating chemicals that are released when threatened.

While it’s advisable to avoid touching these creatures, the risk of warts from contact with them is unfounded.

Clouds Are Light and Fluffy

Clouds may appear light and fluffy, but they are much heavier than most people realize. The weight of a cloud is evenly distributed among countless tiny droplets, allowing them to float easily in the sky.

Despite their weight, clouds are airy and can accommodate airplane passage, contributing to their perception as light and fluffy.

Eating Carrots Helps Your Eyesight

Carrots are often lauded for their purported role in promoting good eyesight due to their high Vitamin A content. However, Vitamin A is readily available in various other foods, rendering the exclusive focus on carrots unnecessary for obtaining this essential nutrient.

Consuming a diverse range of common foods such as milk, cheese, and eggs can provide ample Vitamin A without the need for excessive carrot consumption.

Bagpipes Originated in Scotland

Although commonly associated with Scotland, bagpipes do not actually originate from there. The iconic imagery of bagpipes with Scottish culture does not accurately reflect their historical origins.

Bagpipes were created in the Middle East and are thought to have originated from the Ancient Egyptians. It took many years for bagpipes to enter Western Europe, although it’s still unclear how they arrived there. While this musical instrument was mostly forgotten in the old desert cities, it was widely adopted by the Scots and quickly became their national musical instrument.

You Get One Phone Call When You’re Arrested

One myth we often see in movies and TV shows is that inmates are entitled to one phone call. In reality, each jail has its own rules and can choose how many calls its inmates can get.

In some jails, you’ll get the complimentary phone call, and then be able to make as many paid ones as you wish. Other places let you have as many phone calls in booking as you want, only limiting you once you’re put into a cell.

Cops Have to Read You Your Miranda Rights

If you’re a crime drama fan like us, you can probably recite most of the Miranda Rights by heart by now. The popularity in which we see TV arrests followed by the reading of their rights has caused many citizens to wrongly believe that the police officer must read you your Miranda rights or else they can’t prosecute you. Well, this is not true in the least.

Cops often skip that part entirely. The only time that a police officer is required by law to read your rights is when you are in custody.

People With Red Hair Are Going Extinct

In recent years, there’s been some rumor spreading that redheads are slowly going extinct, and will completely disappear in the next few decades or so.

First off, redhead genes are actually recessive, which means that they can skip generations and manifest out of nowhere, even in your family! Secondly, even if redheads were beginning to wither out, genetic scientists would have quite an easy time propagating that gene, as they’ve already mapped out exactly how to do it. So, red, blond, black, and brunette hair colors are all here to stay.

You Can See the Great Wall of China From Space

The Great Wall of China is truly a masterpiece unlike any other in the world. Many people believe that it’s so massive that you can see it from space, and this is simply false.

This misconception came about when various sky images of the Great Wall of China began appearing on the web. These, however, were not taken by satellites in space but simply using a zoom lens.

People’s Hair and Nails Continue to Grow Postmortem

One creepy rumor that has been going around for many years now is that a person’s hair and nails actually continue growing after they pass away. In addition to creating quite a disturbing image in our heads, it’s also completely false. It’s not clear where this myth came from, but it’s time that we put it to rest (no pun intended).

When someone passes on, their cells die with them. This means that everything in their body stops reproducing, and growth inevitably ends. However, when someone’s body starts to decay, their skin begins to shrink as it dries, giving it a thinner and bonier look. This might give the impression that a person’s hair and nails grew out, but in reality, they most certainly did not.

Dogs Sweat by Sticking Their Tongues Out

Dogs are one of the most lovable animals on the planet. Although they are extremely common, they are unfortunately very misunderstood. In this entry, we’ll focus on a common misconception about dogs, relating to their ability to sweat.

Most people believe that dogs sweat through their tongues by panting. Well, although they pant in order to lower their body temperature, they do not sweat through their tongues while doing so. Dogs actually sweat through their paws, as their sweat glands (called ‘merocrine glands’) are on the bottom of their feet. Next time you take your dog on a walk, touch its paws and you’ll see.

Healthy Teeth Are Supposed to Be White

We’ve all seen beautiful Hollywood celebrities flaunt their beautiful, white, perfect teeth, and thought to ourselves, “Why can’t I have such healthy teeth?”. While white teeth tend to look better than yellow teeth, they’re actually not the real sign of dental health.

Teeth are actually stronger and healthier when they have a natural slightly yellowish color. This is because enamel, the tough shell that covers the teeth, is slightly yellow and translucent. As long as your teeth are a very light shade of yellow, that’s a great sign they are healthy.

Image Source: Shidlovski / Shutterstock

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