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Giant Goldfish Discovered in Canadian Waters

# Giant Goldfish Discovered in Canadian Waters

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Considering their common presence in pet stores, the significance of goldfish may not cross your mind often. However, these small, non-carnivorous fish can actually wreak havoc if released into the wild. Goldfish are known to be highly invasive, quickly dominating new environments when introduced into wild waters.

Recently, a surge in both the number and size of goldfish has been observed in various locations across Canada, from small stormwater ponds to larger bodies of water like Hamilton Harbour in Ontario. These fish have insatiable appetites, consuming everything they can swallow. As they grow, they release hormones that stimulate their appetite even further, impacting underwater plant life and displacing other fish by consuming essential food sources.

Despite the already challenging conditions of these habitats, goldfish exhibit a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive. In an effort to understand their movements and origins, scientists from Fisheries and Oceans Canada have been using acoustic tags to track these elusive goldfish.

“These ponds are extreme environments,” noted biology professor Nick Mandrak from the University of Toronto Scarborough. “Not only is the water shallow, but oxygen levels are extremely low, and temperatures can surpass 30 degrees Celsius in the summer.”

The presence of these unique goldfish in Canadian waters has garnered attention and raised concerns about the ecological impact they may have on native species.

*[Source: [euronewsgreen Twitter](]*

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