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Heidi Montag Represents the ‘Optimal Version’ of Herself After Welcoming Second Child

A lady on the bedA lady on the bed
Credit: Unsplash

Heidi Montag is feeling empowered as she shares her journey toward becoming the “optimal version” of herself after the birth of her second child, Ryker. She credits Hydroxycut for supporting her fitness goals after pregnancy.

After Ryker’s arrival in November 2022, Montag and partner Spencer Pratt recognized the importance of prioritizing her health and fitness to prevent future back issues. Committed to rebuilding her physical and mental strength, Montag began a fitness routine and incorporated Hydroxycut to enhance her lifestyle changes.

As a busy mother of two, Montag found Hydroxycut to be a valuable addition to her daily routine, providing essential multivitamins and boosting her energy levels for everyday tasks.

In addition to using Hydroxycut, Montag emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in physical activities such as weightlifting, hiking, and playing soccer with her kids to instill healthy habits in them.

Montag’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle is supported by Pratt, who is also on his own fitness journey. While they used to have a competitive nature at the gym, Pratt now supports Montag’s individual exercise routines and prioritizes her well-being.

Above all, Montag’s main focus is on being the healthiest mother she can be for her children, emphasizing the importance of self-care and finding support from loved ones. With Pratt’s support and commitment to personal well-being, Montag thrives as she works toward optimal health and happiness.

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