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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s Unexpected Confession

Image Source: Goldie Hawn @ Instagram

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for 35 years, choosing not to marry. Surprisingly, they recently announced their decision to tie the knot, marking a significant change in their relationship and Hollywood identities.

This new development has had a profound impact on their lives together and in the entertainment industry.


In an interview with People Magazine, Goldie Hawn opened up about the challenges of maintaining a long-term relationship, admitting that monogamy can be tough, especially when one is attracted to other people and has fantasies about it.

Despite these obstacles, the couple has managed to remain committed and resilient, not allowing external pressures to come between them.

The Beginning

Goldie and Kurt first met in 1968 on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. At the time, they were both at the early stages of their careers, and there was no instant romantic connection between them.

Age Difference

Unlike many celebrities who disregard age differences, Goldie and Kurt didn’t see each other romantically due to their age gap. Despite enjoying each other’s company, a future together wasn’t on their minds. Reflecting on this, Goldie mentioned, “I thought he was adorable, but he was much too young.”

At the time they met, Goldie was 21 and Russell was 16, making their five-year age difference significant at that young age.

Rising Careers

Following the completion of the movie, Goldie and Kurt went their separate ways. In 1969, Goldie won an Academy Award for Supporting Actress and a Golden Globe Award for her role in Cactus Flower, marking the beginning of her successful career.

As her popularity grew, Goldie earned another Academy Award nomination for her performance in Private Benjamin.

Career Success

In the ’70s, Goldie was extremely successful, hosting two television specials and releasing a solo country album. She also received numerous offers for work during this time.

What’s more, she collaborated with Dolly Parton and Buck Owens on her album Goldie, receiving positive reviews for her rendition of Bob Dylan’s song.

Action Star

Meanwhile, Kurt Russell’s career gained traction when he landed a leading role in the TV movie Elvis, earning an Emmy nomination. He further cemented his status as an action hero in films like Escape from New York and its sequel.

Russell also worked on the horror movie The Thing with director John Carpenter, further boosting his career.

Disney Mystery

Before his death, Walt Disney’s last written words were “Kurt Russell,” a puzzle that remains unsolved. Russell had been a child actor for Disney Studios and was a major star for the studio in the ’70s.

It’s speculated that Disney’s message may have been in anticipation of Russell’s future stardom.

Career Dilemma

Kurt Russell faced a choice between pursuing a career as an actor or becoming a professional baseball player. With inspiration from his father, also a professional baseball player, he joined the minor leagues before ultimately achieving worldwide fame as an actor.

Kurt Russell reached class AA in the California Angels in 1973, as a second baseman, with an impressive average of .563. Despite this, he chose to pursue an acting career instead.

Two Separate Lives

Goldie married dancer Gus Trikonis in 1969 in Hawaii. Their marriage lasted for seven years. After their divorce, Hawn married musician Bill Hudson and had two children. Meanwhile, Russell tied the knot with Season Hubley with whom he had a son named Boston.

Matrimony No More

Russell and Hubley divorced in 1983, while Hawn divorced Hudson in 1980. Both being single again during the same years, they would never have expected to end up together.

Hawn’s Moments with Warren Beatty and Mel Gibson

On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Hawn recounted her experiences with Warren Beatty and Mel Gibson. She shared a moment with Beatty during the filming of a movie in Germany. She also revealed that Mel Gibson was her favorite onscreen kisser, from the film Bird on Wire.

We Meet Again

In 1983, Goldie and Kurt met once again at an audition. Despite Russell’s hangover, he managed to compliment Goldie on her figure, which ultimately led to a date.

The Unfortunate First Move

Despite being severely hungover, Russell initiated a conversation with Goldie with an unusual compliment. Surprisingly, his unconventional approach worked, and they went on their first date.

A First Date To Remember

Despite a slightly scandalous first date that involved the police, Kurt and Goldie’s date was memorable and led to a long-lasting relationship.

Recalling the First Date

Russell fondly remembers their first date, despite its unusual circumstances, as a lot of fun. Their Valentine’s date was 35 years ago, yet it feels like it happened just yesterday.

Trying Times

If you ask Goldie Hawn how to maintain a long relationship, she won’t beat around the bush with her advice.“`

Goldie Hawn is known for her honest and straightforward nature. In an interview with People Magazine, she discussed the challenges of monogamy and the temptations of being attracted to others despite being in a committed relationship.

Despite her candid comments, Goldie and Kurt Russell have remained faithful to each other, defying the norms in Hollywood.

The New Brady Bunch

Goldie and Kurt intended to expand their family despite being in their later years. Goldie had two children from her previous marriage to Bill Hudson, while Kurt had one child with Season Hubley.

Goldie got pregnant three years into her relationship with Kurt, and they welcomed their first child, Wyatt Russell, on July 10, 1986. Despite having children from previous marriages, the family shares a strong bond and a passion for acting.

Image Source: Goldie Hawn @ Instagram

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