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Host a Party Anywhere, Anytime with Jel Shots

Jello shots are undeniably one of the best inventions in the realm of party essentials. Everyone adores Jello, and when you enhance its appeal by infusing it with a shot of your preferred alcohol, it becomes even more exciting! However, let’s be honest, creating Jello shots from scratch can be quite a hassle when you lack space, time, or expertise. So, what’s the solution? Simply remove the “l” and the “o” from “Jello.”

Jel Shots are revolutionary prepackaged cocktail candies. Say goodbye to the tedious process of boiling water and stirring for hours just to make something from scratch. These warriors with 15% ABV are all set to liven up your party straight out of the package. Just open the tab, give them a gentle squeeze, and enjoy a cup of bouncy, fruity goodness.

Credit: Jel Shot

Ashley Zalkin, the creator of Jel Shots and the owner of Original Jel Shot Co., shared a similar experience that led to the inception of this amazing treat. She recalls on the brand’s official About page, “One day, when I was particularly exhausted and sticky after creating a batch of 400+ shots, my best friend called begging for an ’emergency’ batch for her last-minute party. This is when it hit me… why don’t pre-made Shots exist? Why can’t we easily pick them up from a local liquor store? Lo and behold, I became determined to create the most amazing pre-made Shot ever. BAM! The Original Jel Shot was born!”

Jel Shots are not just ordinary prepackaged Jello Shots; they take it up a notch. They are 100% vegan and gluten-free – an impressive feat considering gelatin is traditionally non-vegan. These shots don’t even need refrigeration; you can leave them out on the party snack table all night, although a slight chill could enhance the flavor. With various delectable flavors like Peach Bum, Candymelon, Blue Razz, and more, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, each Jel Shot is impeccably safety sealed to prevent any external contamination.

Credit: Jel Shot

Original Jel Shot Co. is making waves in the industry and has even earned the endorsement of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. Visit their website to discover more about their offerings, flavors, and where you can purchase Jel Shots. You can also stay updated with their latest news on Instagram.

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