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Hotel Secrets That You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

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There’s a common belief that the customer is always right, and treating hotel staff with care can enhance your stay. A tip from an anonymous hotel employee: being rude may backfire on guests as their requests might be made tougher to fulfill.

Ask for Options

When booking a hotel room, ask about different room options as lower-priced rooms might not be as well-maintained as the photos portray. Upgrading to a nicer suite is often possible if requested.

“They Do What?!”

The quality of food in hotels may not always be as expected, as revealed by a server from a five-star restaurant in a hotel where fruits and vegetables were sourced from cans to cut costs.

What a Mess!

Housekeepers have shared disturbing experiences like finding torn magazine pages, dirty sheets, and rude messages on mirrors when cleaning rooms, emphasizing the importance of maintaining cleanliness for the comfort of future guests.

Record YouTube

Utilize downtime while traveling to download entertaining videos from platforms like YouTube, ensuring you have entertainment during transit. Online converters make this process simple and convenient.

Let Them Know

When traveling for special occasions, inform hotels during booking to potentially receive special discount packages and upgrades, such as being placed in a honeymoon suite for a memorable stay.

In some situations, you might receive complimentary meals or passes to exclusive hotel events. When you check in, be sure to mention this again to the front desk staff.

Restock Your Minibar

If you are wary of delving into the minibar offerings, you’re not alone. Although the goodies may look appealing, enjoying them can come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, you can still utilize the minibar space by stocking it with your own snacks and beverages purchased from a local store. Just make sure to keep them separate to avoid mistakenly consuming pricey items like premium sodas.

Portable Beer Cooler

Since carrying a cooler around all day isn’t feasible, try this convenient alternative. Grab a clean hotel trash can, fill it with ice, and voilà, you have an instant beer and soda cooler. Now you can enjoy your refreshments by the poolside without spending extra money.

Speak Up

Hotels operate in hospitality and prioritize guest satisfaction akin to home comfort. If any part of your stay disturbs this harmony, promptly communicate the issue to the hotel management for resolution. Maintain a calm demeanor and assertiveness when addressing concerns.

Forget Room Service

Room service can be a tempting indulgence, but it tends to be overpriced and lacks quality. Hotel employees recommend choosing food delivery services instead, providing a broader selection and better value for your money.

Wash Your Clothes in the Bathtub or Sink

Maintaining clean clothes while on the go can be a hassle. To avoid the inconvenience of searching for laundromats, wash your clothes in the hotel bathtub or sink using a small amount of detergent. Then, hang them up to dry, possibly using the hairdryer trick for a quick and effective result.

Bring Slippers

Hotel employees recommend never walking barefoot in hotel rooms. If you don’t want to wear shoes, bring slippers to relax without touching unclean floors.

Take the Toiletries

Don’t feel guilty about using the hotel’s shampoos and conditioners. These items are there for guests to use, and it’s practical to take them for your travels.

Don’t Eat the Food

Be cautious about eating food from hotel kitchens to avoid potential cleanliness issues.

Bring Quarters

Be prepared with quarters for unexpected expenses like vending machines or arcade games in the hotel.


There have been instances where hotel employees uncovered illegal activities, such as guests charging for room use without authorization, exposing underlying illicit practices.

Stick to a Brand

Consistency in choosing a particular hotel chain can result in loyalty rewards and cost savings along with other travel benefits.

Getting elite status based on the number of nights you stay, rather than the money spent, is quite straightforward. Soon enough, you could find yourself enjoying a complimentary dinner in an upgraded room at your favorite hotel.

Can’t afford a session at the hotel spa? No problem. You can create your own DIY facial treatment right in your hotel room. You can utilize items provided in your room, such as sugar packets, as a facial scrub. Simply mix the sugar with some lotion from the hotel, and gently exfoliate your face for smooth and refreshed skin at no extra cost.

Tipping staff in the United States is a common practice, but some service providers might not immediately come to mind for tips. Consider tipping the front desk staff upon check-in. A generous tip could lead to room upgrades or other special treatments during your stay, enhancing your overall experience.

While upscale hotels may seem far removed from any shady activities, former employees have revealed that some hotel managers and staff may turn a blind eye to illicit behavior happening on the premises. This casual attitude towards misconduct can be surprising and concerning.

When offered hotel credit cards with sign-up fees, consider taking advantage of the benefits they offer. Despite the initial cost, these cards can provide valuable sign-up bonuses that translate into free accommodations for a week or more, transforming you from a regular traveler to a savvy one.

When booking a hotel room, it’s possible that you may end up with one of the less desirable options. To avoid this, inspect the room before finalizing your reservation. You have every right to select the room that meets your preferences, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

If you have leaking shampoo or conditioner bottles, a simple hack using plastic packaging from hotel cups can help. By placing these plastic covers over the bottle lids, you can prevent leaks and spills, keeping your toiletries organized and mess-free during your stay.

Secure the caps tightly, and there you have it – bottles that won’t leak. Tuck them safely in your bags and carry them wherever you go. Your liquids will remain securely in place.

Image Source: Dragon Images / Shutterstock

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