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How You Discover The Top Watched Tik Tok Videos

# How to Find the Most Popular TikTok Videos

The TikTok platform is becoming more competitive as creators strive to create viral content that will make a lasting impact. To stand out on TikTok, you need to create THE video that goes viral. Whether it’s starting a new dance trend, pulling off funny pranks, or sharing exciting news, everyone hopes to land a spot on TikTok’s prestigious top 10 list.

While influencers like Addison Rae and Bella Poarch have been dominant on the platform, lesser-known creators have managed to surpass even their most successful videos.

For example, a video featuring chocolate-covered strawberries posted by @pr4yforgabs in February 2024 is on the verge of challenging Bella Poarch’s long-standing record for the most-liked TikTok video.

Bella Poarch currently holds the title for the most-liked TikTok video, with an incredible 64.1 million likes for a video where she simply nods along to Millie B’s ‘M to the B’. This video, uploaded in August 2020, introduced the 2016 track to a global audience and inspired numerous imitations. It ranks as the fifth most-viewed TikTok video, with over 790 million views.

Moreover, Jamie32bish’s viral clip of Nelly Furtado is not only one of the most-watched TikToks but also among the most liked, drawing attention from TikTok influencers and celebrities worldwide.

Despite being only 15 years old at the time, Franek made it to the list of most-liked TikToks with an impressive art piece that took 23 hours to create.

Nick Luciano’s recreation of @kaylavoid’s comedic video quickly went viral, amassing over 50 million likes and still counting! This video is also one of the most viewed TikToks of all time.

When Billie Eilish joined TikTok, her debut video using the Time Warp Scan filter quickly earned her a spot on the most-liked list, with over 40 million likes and ranking among the most viewed TikToks to date.

Watching a cat playfully wriggle its tiny paw and head through a tube is simply delightful. British Promise Cats’ video has garnered over 37 million likes and is absolutely charming.

Khaby Lame’s humorous take on a ‘mirror hack’ for backseat passengers to check for passing cars before opening the door also secured him a place on the most-liked TikTok list.

As of February 26th, @pr4yforgabs’ video showcasing chocolate-covered strawberries has received an impressive 35.5 million likes, edging closer to breaking into the all-time top 10 most-liked TikTok videos. Although the original video has amassed 259.2 million views, it still has some way to go before making it to the top 10 list.

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