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Hugh Jackman Preparing Physically for ‘Deadpool 3’

Meeting the physical demands is proving to be more challenging than anticipated.

The third installment of the Deadpool franchise is set to make its way to theaters in the fall of 2024. This movie will mark the long-awaited onscreen showdown between the titular mercenary, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, and one of his iconic frienemies from the comic books, Wolverine. Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine, a character he has portrayed in all live-action X-Men films. However, before he steps into that role again, he must regain his Wolverine physique.

In Deadpool 3, Wolverine will have several shirtless scenes, requiring Jackman to get back into shape. Jackman mentioned on the Empire Film Podcast that juggling his starring role in Broadway’s The Music Man has made the bodybuilding process extremely challenging.

Despite his current strenuous schedule, Jackman plans to intensify his workout routine after completing his Broadway commitments. He aims to train once or twice daily for the next six months to prepare for the role, approaching it with the same dedication and determination as before.

Jackman expressed his desire to surpass his previous physical condition and enhance his abilities for the role, driven by the motivation of besting Reynolds’ character every day.

When questioned about the dynamic between the two characters, Jackman emphasized their adversarial relationship, stating, “On a scale from ten being close to zero being reality, we’re at zero, we’re polar opposites, we despise each other.”

Jackman elaborated, highlighting Wolverine’s frustration with Deadpool, indicating a strong desire to distance himself or resort to physical confrontation. However, circumstances in the movie will restrict such distance, implying more than a few confrontations between the characters.

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