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Impossible Foods Introduces Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

Credit: Unsplash

Chicken nuggets are a beloved classic that many people enjoy. With a shift towards poultry over beef in recent years, top poultry producers have ramped up production to meet the growing demand. The popularity of crispy chicken sandwiches from fast-food chains like Popeyes has further fueled this trend. However, reducing the consumption of animal products is a worthwhile endeavor, especially if the flavor can be replicated with plant-based alternatives.

Impossible Foods, a well-known plant-based company differentiated from Beyond Meat, has launched its own 100% plant-based chicken nuggets. These nuggets are crafted from a blend of natural proteins and nutrients. Dennis Woodside, President of Impossible Foods, explains, “We utilize soy protein as the foundation to create the desired texture and deliver high-quality protein essential for our diet. Additionally, sunflower oil is used to ensure a fatty and juicy mouthfeel, while essential nutrients like amino acids and sugars interact during cooking to impart a savory chicken flavor. We incorporate vitamins for added nutrition and common culinary ingredients such as starch and methylcellulose to bind the product and enhance moisture retention, with the added benefit of increased fiber content compared to traditional meat.”

The plant-based nuggets are currently available in select eateries across the US, with preparations underway to launch a frozen retail version in supermarkets by the end of September. Despite initial setbacks due to the inclusion of yeast derivative heme in the formulation, which is permitted in the US but restricted in China and the EU, the company has resolved the issue after some additional refinement.

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