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    Interesting Facts To Know About Albert Einstein

    Image Source: Grey82 / Shutterstock

    Albert Einstein, known for his remarkable contributions to science, had an intriguing personal life that many people may not be familiar with. Here are some fascinating facts about this brilliant man.

    He was a late bloomer

    Einstein’s academic talents took time to emerge. As a toddler, he didn’t speak until the age of three. However, he quickly caught up and developed an interest in science at the age of five after being given a compass by his father. The magical needle that always pointed in the same direction fascinated him and sparked his curiosity for science.

    He had hobbies

    Despite being a world-renowned scientist, Einstein made time for hobbies such as playing the violin and sailing. He owned a small boat named Tinef, despite not being a proficient sailor due to never learning to swim. On several occasions, he had to be rescued by his neighbors after getting stranded with his boat. Nevertheless, sailing was one of his favorite pastimes.

    He didn’t want to be idolized

    Contrary to popular belief, Einstein did not want his body to be idolized after his death. He requested that his body be cremated and the ashes scattered to prevent the development of any rituals around it. However, his wishes were not fully honored, as the doctor who performed his autopsy, Thomas Harvey, stole Einstein’s brain in the hopes of finding out what made it so special. Despite slicing off pieces of the brain and distributing them to friends for study, nothing extraordinary has been discovered so far.

    Image Source: Grey82 / Shutterstock

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