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    Is There a History Between Joey Essex of Love Island Fame and Samantha Kenny?

    Amy Hart, the voice behind ‘The Morning After’ podcast, theorizes that Love Island’s Joey and Samantha might not be strangers to each other, even before joining the reality show…

    As Love Island’s eleventh season kicked off, viewers were introduced to Joey Essex as the first ‘bombshell’ and the show’s very first celebrity participant.

    Joey immediately became the center of attention and had the privilege of choosing a lady to pair up with, who was already in a relationship within the show. Just 24 hours after his entrance, he chose Samantha Kenny as his partner, which unfortunately led to Sam Taylor’s departure from the island.

    The chemistry between Joey and Samantha is noticeable and growing, so much so that former contestant Amy Hart has speculated they may have known each other before coming to the island.

    Joey’s words to Samantha upon their meeting, “Nice to see you,” raised eyebrowns.

    Ash chimed in: “We didn’t pick up on that initially, but after you brought it up, it’s clear as day, and I’m taken aback!”

    Highlighting Samantha’s career as a makeup artist to the stars, Amy suggested they could’ve crossed paths during work, admitting “they don’t seem to share a background” yet noting: “Their connection was immediate and obvious.”

    Currently, Joey and Samantha are happily spending time together. Amy, recalling his history on other reality shows, notes he “falls for love easily,” which makes her think they could potentially go the distance.

    On Wednesday night’s episode, Harriett Blackmore invited Joey to the hideaway, aiming to steal him away from her partner Ciaran Davies. A hint of flirtation was exchanged, yet Joey was not swayed.

    Showing little interest in Harriett’s advances, he revealed in the Love Island beach hut his genuine feelings for Samantha, hinting that they might just be one of the pairs to watch in the competition.

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