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Is This The Scariest Horror Movie Of All Time

Image Source: Korionov / Shutterstock

The horror movie “Host” from 2020 takes place in a Zoom call and drew inspiration from real-life events. The story revolves around friends trying to perform a seance over Zoom, drawing from classics like “Paranormal Activity” and “The Blair Witch Project”. Director Rob Savage brilliantly made a computer screen-based movie that is both innovative and scary. It’s incredible how effective a remotely shot film can be!

Rosemary’s Baby

“Rosemary’s Baby” is a cult-classic horror film that expertly portrays a terrifying, paranoia-fueled pregnancy. The film’s artistic brilliance and subliminal themes of women’s liberation earned it a place in the United States National Film Registry. Mia Farrow delivers a remarkable performance as the young protagonist, facing constant threats from her creepy cult-member neighbors and her own advancing pregnancy, culminating in the shocking realization that she has given birth to Satan’s son.


“Kwaidan” presents four ghost stories, immersing the audience in an anthology horror masterpiece using Japanese myths and folklore. Each tale, from “The Black Hair” and “The Woman of the Snow” to “Hoichi the Earless” and “In a Cup of Tea,” is unsettling and nerve-wracking.

Let the Right One In

“Let the Right One In” is a vampire horror film that blends petrifying and heartwarming elements. It delivers traditional blood-sucking horror intertwined with the magic of falling in love for the first time. Critics laud the film, stating that the only thing that sucks about it is the vampire.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

“The Blackcoat’s Daughter,” directed by Anthony Perkins, is a disturbing film featuring Kiernan Shipka, Emma Roberts, and Lucy Boynton. The story revolves around two girls left at their boarding school during winter break, where supernatural events start to unfold and lead them into a terrifying nightmare, while another character’s plotline builds towards a memorable intersection.

They Look Like People

“They Look Like People” directed by Perry Blackshear blurs the line between psychological thriller and pure horror, introducing two friends, Chriss and Wyatt, who grapple with their emotional inner demons. Through bone-chilling phone calls, Wyatt becomes convinced that New York City is about to be overtaken by demons, keeping viewers on edge throughout the entire 80-minute runtime.

The Stuff

“The Stuff” is a brilliant and terrifying film that remains as relevant today as it was in the 80s. The monster in the film isn’t the “stuff,” a tasty alien goo that bursts out of people and transforms into a sentient being; rather, it’s a commentary on toxic and excessive consumer culture. The film serves as a chilling reminder of the inescapable reality of advertisements and targeted marketing as our lives move online. It’s just a movie… right?


“It” capitalizes on the often-creepy nature of clowns, a common fear for many people. The 2017 film intensifies the horror with Bill Skarsgård delivering a spectacularly creepy performance as a psychotic killer clown. Skarsgård admitted that portraying the character took a toll on him, causing nightmares even after the film’s release. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Girl With All the Gifts

“The Girl With All the Gifts” is a post-apocalyptic British film released in 2016, following the survival journey of various characters, including a special young girl named Melanie. It’s a scary and thought-provoking film, offering a unique blend of horror and depth that sets it apart as a must-watch zombie movie.


A ballet student named Suzy Bannion performs in “Suspiria.” She thinks she’s attending a normal dance academy, but it turns out to be a witchy trap. She narrowly escapes becoming a human sacrifice and destroys the cursed academy.

“The Changeling” is a 1980 psychological horror movie about a composer grieving for his wife, who moves into a haunted mansion. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is about an invasion of body-snatching alien species. “Hellraiser” is about extra-dimensional creatures who enjoy hurting others. “The Haunting,” ranked one of the scariest films of all time, keeps audiences guessing if the ghostly experiences are real.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The 1987 British film “Hellraiser” is based on a story called “The Hellbound Heart” and features creatures who can’t tell pain from pleasure.

“The Haunting” and “The Devil’s Backbone” are also spine-chilling films. “The Tingler” from 1959 tackles the notion of fear itself using a virus that preys on those who feel fear. “Peeping Tom” captures the fear of being watched by a stranger, and “The Sixth Sense” is a supernatural thriller with a surprising ending.


While “Alien” is a science fiction film, it is one of the most unnerving movies ever made. The film conjures up suspense and fear as the crew of a spaceship encounters a deadly alien creature.

The film’s tension and horror are expertly crafted, making “Alien” a classic in the horror genre.

In the film “Alien,” a Nostromo crew is sent to investigate an alien spaceship that was mysteriously abandoned. The movie excels in creating a scary location as being in space and an abandoned spaceship adds to the isolation and creepiness. The creature in the film is both physically and metaphorically threatening.

“Day of the Dead,” the third installment of the “Living Dead” franchise, plunges viewers back into the zombie zone. This post-apocalyptic horror is set in an underground bunker where a few humans are trying to survive. The film features plenty of guts and gore, setting the stage for productions like “The Walking Dead.”

“Hereditary” tells the story of a perfect family shaken by the death of the mother’s mother. As she tries to come to terms with the loss, something terrible happens, creating a sense of insecurity and unease throughout the film.

“Rec,” a Spanish masterpiece, is a found-footage horror film that feels painfully real despite being about zombies. The story follows a morning show crew who film firefighters responding to a call about a woman acting strangely, creating a terrifying and gripping experience for viewers.

“Re-Animator” is a horror/comedy staple from the 80s that follows student Herbert West’s obsession with bringing his dead professor back to life, leading to grotesque and chaotic re-animation attempts.

“Nosferatu,” hailed as the “birthplace” of horror filmmaking, is a silent film that relies solely on the grotesque appearance and movements of Count Orlock to terrorize viewers.

“28 Days Later” takes place in Great Britain where a contagious virus called “Rage” spreads after an ape escapes from a lab, creating a plot that feels like a nightmare brought to life.

“Poltergeist” explores the terrifying notion of a poltergeist, a ghost that causes havoc and kidnaps children into other realms, instilling fear in the Freeling family as they battle disgruntled spirits.

“Jaws,” directed by Steven Spielberg, is a classic horror film that revolves around the terror of sharks, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

“Return of the Living Dead” is described as a “mordant punk comedy” and one of the most significant zombie films ever, providing a unique and thought-provoking experience for audiences.

The film made the zombie trope of craving human brains famous. As a long-awaited follow-up to the original “Night of the Living Dead,” the film delivers on zombie gore and fun. A “Living Dead” movie marathon is highly recommended!

The Wicker Man

This Nicholas Cage remake faced backlash for being laughable. However, there’s something chilling in the film’s simplicity. The plot follows a policeman searching for a missing girl on an island.

What sets this movie apart is the portrayal of people as the real monsters. The feeling of not being able to trust anyone is truly terrifying.

An American Werewolf in London

The title is iconic, and the movie lives up to it. Some argue that the best horror movies have a comedic aspect, keeping the audience guessing. “An American Werewolf in London” is perfect for these viewers!

The movie depicts two Americans backpacking in Yorkshire and being attacked by a werewolf, leading to chaos.

Image Source: Korionov / Shutterstock

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