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    Jerry Seinfeld Talks About Strange Aspects in ‘Bee Movie’

    Credit: Unsplash

    Released in 2007, Bee Movie remains one of the most peculiar big-budget animated films ever made. The movie features Jerry Seinfeld voicing a bee that uncovers humans stealing honey, leading to a lawsuit against the entire human race for theft, while also hinting at a romantic relationship between the bee and a human woman. Describing it as odd would be a massive understatement, which is likely why the film has gained popularity through internet memes in recent years. Beyond the humor and memes, the romantic subplot between the bee and the human has always been a perplexing aspect for viewers. Over the weekend, Jerry Seinfeld himself acknowledged that this storyline might not have been the wisest choice.

    During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the move of Seinfeld to Netflix, Seinfeld reflected on his extensive and eventful career. He humorously recounted, “It always takes longer than people think, you know, to be a comedian. I had to go on the Tonight Show and Letterman like 80 times and then roast my nuts doing a TV series for nine years. Then I had to get married — I got married at 45. That takes a long time to find a great person. I had three kids. I had to straighten their insane asses out, and then I had to make a movie with a bee.”

    Following this revelation, Seinfeld felt compelled to address the issue, expressing regret “for what seems to be a certain uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect in the Bee Movie. This was not intended, but upon its release, I realized that it may not be suitable for children. The bee showing affections towards the girl is a theme we don’t wish to pursue in children’s entertainment.”

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