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Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian’s New Career Path: Lawyer

From Reality TV to Real Justice: Kim Kardashian’s Career Shift

Kim Kardashian is a name that needs no introduction. The reality TV star, businesswoman, and socialite has been in the public eye for years. But it looks like the starlet will put all that on hold for her true passion: law. Yes, you heard that right. Kim Kardashian shared that she would give up her reality show to pursue her career as a lawyer.

The 42-year-old recently opened up about her criminal justice reform work, including helping Alice Johnson get released in 2018 after serving 21 years for a nonviolent drug crime. During the Time 100 Summit on April 25, moderator Poppy Harlow asked Kim if she would consider a life outside her TV shows. Her response was simple yet powerful. “I would be just as happy being an attorney full-time,” she said.

Kim’s journey to become a lawyer has been an eye-opener for her. She had no prior experience in the criminal justice system except for watching her late father, Robert Kardashian, a lawyer. But once she started her work, there was no turning back. “Once I saw that I could make a difference, I couldn’t stop there,” she continued, “and there were so many other women like the woman I helped.”

Despite facing setbacks, Kim has been determined to fulfill her dream. Viewers saw her find out she passed California’s Baby Bar exam on her fourth attempt during season one of The Kardashians. And now, she is set to take the bar exam in February next year. “The baby bar has a 16 percent pass rate—I mean, it took me a few tries,” Kim noted during the summit, “and then I have another one, I think it is like a 36 percent pass rate, so about a year.”

Not every day a reality TV star decides to pursue law. But Kim Kardashian is not your average star. She is using her platform to make a difference in the world, and we can’t wait to see what she will achieve next.

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