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Kellogg’s Faces Lawsuit Over Strawberry Content in Pop-Tarts

Credit: Unsplash

Pop-Tarts, known for their variety of flavors, are now at the center of a legal dispute. Anita Harris filed a lawsuit against Kellogg’s in the Southern District of Illinois, alleging that the fruit filling in their strawberry Pop-Tarts lacks sufficient real strawberries. Instead, the filling primarily consists of apples and pears, with dried strawberries, dried apples, and red dye listed on the nutrition label

The lawsuit claims that the use of red dye misleads consumers into believing there is a higher strawberry content than there actually is. Harris argues that accurate labeling is crucial for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. She is seeking approximately $5 million in damages due to alleged false advertising by Kellogg’s. The company has not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter.

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