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Know The Role Of Venom In Medicine

Image Source: Ali _Cobanoglu / Shutterstock

While we are all familiar with the dangers associated with venom, its benefits might come as a surprise. Venom from various animals has been found to have medicinal properties and is utilized in the production of drugs. Let’s delve into how venom from different species is beneficial for humans.

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon possesses venom glands that deliver toxins through its bite. The venom prevents blood clotting, which can be useful in treating conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolism.

Northern Short-Tailed Shrew

Although the venom of the Northern short-tailed shrew may not be lethal to humans, it has piqued the interest of the scientific community for its potential in cancer treatment. The venom targets molecules found in tumor cells, making it a promising avenue for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.


The deathstalker scorpion’s venom contains a toxin called Chlorotoxin, which has shown promise in cancer treatment, particularly for tumors.


Snakes, with their diverse venoms that range from slow-acting to fast-acting, offer a wide array of potential medical uses. Different snake venoms are utilized in medications for conditions like heart failure, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. The angiotensin-converting-enzyme present in the venom of the Jararaca pit viper snake has been particularly effective in saving lives.

Image Source: Ali _Cobanoglu / Shutterstock

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