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    5 Common US Tourist Traps to Avoid That Kill Time And Money

    Image Source: Unsplash

    Traveling the world can be enticing with popular attractions calling your name. However, many of these famous spots are actually tourist traps aimed at emptying your wallet without offering much value in return. Here are five major tourist traps to steer clear of.

    Fisherman’s Wharf – San Francisco, California

    Fisherman’s Wharf draws tourists hoping to see the famous sea lions at Pier 39. However, you’ll also find overpriced souvenirs and mediocre seafood. Instead, ask locals for recommendations on where to shop and enjoy good clam chowder.

    Empire State Building – New York City, New York

    A visit to the top of the Empire State Building is a popular tourist activity. But be aware that you’re essentially paying for a view, which can be enjoyed from other spots in the city without the high cost. Consider visiting a skyscraper restaurant or bar for a similar view in a more relaxed setting.

    Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee

    Unless you are a die-hard Elvis Presley fan, you might want to skip this tourist trap. Besides admission fees, there’s a parking charge, and you’ll likely end up buying souvenirs, resulting in a pricey visit.

    Plymouth Rock – Plymouth, Massachusetts

    Many visitors find Plymouth Rock underwhelming. While the town and scenery are lovely, the rock itself is small and fenced off. The nearby stores may also pressure you into spending money. Instead, enjoy the beautiful coastline in the area.

    Mall of America – Minneapolis, Minnesota

    The largest mall in the US, Mall of America offers numerous shopping options; however, many stores are repetitive, and navigating the vast space can be exhausting. Unless you have significant shopping needs, it’s best to avoid this bustling tourist hotspot.

    Exploring diverse attractions across the country, smart travelers know to sidestep these five overrated tourist traps.

    Image Source: Unsplash

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